Beauty Secrets of Anfisa Chekhova

150720164Anfisa Chekhov is a beautiful TV presenter. On this woman can say with confidence that it could easily conquer any man. Czechs beautiful forms: a fifth the size of the chest, long legs and a very pleasing appearance. From a lady no one can resist. How to care for a star? Hopefully this article will be useful to our readers. This is not surprising, since this woman is Russian. And Russians are the most beautiful in the world.

1. Power. Celebrity inclined to be overweight, but she never embarrassed that she is overweight. Chekhov from time to time sits on a diet to lose a few extra kilos.
2. Sports. TV presenter goes in for sports, but very rarely. All this is related to her employment.
3. Care. The skin of his face she trusts personal beautician. In this case, you need to find a wizard, but not to run from one to another.
4. Hair. That hair was in good condition, they should be as little as possible to dry the hair dryer.
5. Manicure. Nails should always be careful. Manicure be done two times a month.
6. Love. A woman should love not only yourself. I love all those around you. You’ll see very soon it will be mutual, and you’ll be the happiest man on earth.

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