Beauty Secrets of Ani Lorak

Beauty Secrets of Ani LorakAni Lorak – not only a talented singer and a wonderful mother, but also a beautiful woman. She has a crazy schedule, but it does not prevent her to be in great shape. Many women are interested in the question – how she manages to be so beautiful with such a complex schedule? In this case, the most important thing is not to lose heart and to look after themselves. The most important beauty secrets star will open today.

  • Sleep. To always look great, you need to get enough sleep on a regular basis. If you can Bust Size Česká komentáře not sleep at night 8 hours then you need to use every opportunity to go to sleep.
  • Nutrition. The singer is not sitting on a diet. In her opinion, it is much wiser to eat separately. It is also important to give up bread and sweets. Of course, you need to forget about dinner after 18.00
  • Sport. Lorak not imagine his life without sport. She is actively practicing Bust Size България коментари in the gym with trainer. The singer is also engaged in dancing.
  • Body. For the body is very useful contrast shower and massage.
  • Face. The singer regularly makes masks for the face, causing a moisturizer on the face and under the eyes. Of course, from time to time it is necessary to visit a beautician.
  • The positive mood. Learn to think positively. Good works wonders.

Exercises For Slender Legs From A Megastar

Every woman wants to show beautiful legs, like the talented and charming singer Ani Lorak.

Of course, without Bust Size România Comentarii persistent sports, do not expect a good result.

A well-chosen set of exercises will allow you to proudly demonstrate slender and tight legs. The star recommends a specially designed complex, which it uses for its training.

The basic rules of training for the feet:

  • Do not spend less than 20 minutes a day. Performing even the simplest exercises will lead to the set goal.
  • At the beginning of the workout, ventilate the room, listen to your favorite Bust Size Portugal comentários musical compositions, tune in to the positive.
  • When you finish the course and see the first results, do not stop there, and continue training. The number of lessons per week should not be less than three times.
  • Arrange a rest between trainings.
  • For each lesson, change the order of the exercises, so quickly achieve the desired.
  • Proper nutrition and mandatory intake of clean drinking water will help to lose weight in the legs.
  • It’s recommended after exercising, taking a contrast shower. A popular singer performs such a procedure on a daily basis.

Exercises for slender legs:

  1. Running in the bar. Accept the horizontal bar. Right knee pull Bust Size Slovenija komentarji to the chest and pull back the leg. Do the same with the left foot. Perform 15 times, 3 approaches.
  2. Squatting with the leg. The back is flat, the stomach is retracted, legs are shoulder-width apart. We raise the leg to the side and put it crosswise back, the foot should remain level, then you need to do squats. Performs 15 repetitions on each of the legs.
  3. Pelvic lift. Legs put on a hill, knees bend, while you must lie on the floor. Hold your hands arbitrarily. Raise the pelvis maximally up, hold for 2-5 seconds. Then we drop.

Performing simple sports exercises, you will achieve the desired state of your legs. A popular singer assures that this complex of classes guarantees getting slender and beautiful legs. The dream of wearing short skirts is now feasible.