Beauty Secrets of Anne Vyalitsyna

Beauty Secrets of Anne VyalitsynaAnna Vyalitsyna – a model from Russia, which are popular all over the world. This woman has a lot of vitality. Since it is very easy to work and stay in the same room. Around it is always a good atmosphere. Today we learn how the model manages to stay in good shape with such a tight schedule.

  • Skin. A model of the skin on the nature of the ideal so it is easy El-Macho στην Ελλάδα enough to work. But the model used to always protect your skin from the sun. As for the beach, it is always better in the shade. If you want the skin was tanned, you can use a special spray.
  • A visit to the beauty salon. Model performs all cosmetic procedures cumpăra El-Macho România on their own. Council of young girls – makeup is not necessary to use at an early age.
  • Hair. As far as possible, do not dry the hair Comprar El-Macho Portugal dryer. They should dry out naturally. Of course, no one has canceled a hydrating mask and hair oil.
  • Sport. To be in good shape, you need to run and engage with a personal trainer.
  • Nutrition. The diet should be varied, not fried, smoked and sweet dishes.

As you can see, nothing complicated in order to be attractive. The main thing is to make a modicum of effort, and everything will turn out.

Pilates Lessons From The Well-Known Model

The popular model is famous for its beautiful figure, and Pilates lessons help it to keep in perfect shape. The star has developed a special training system and she is happy to share it with her fans.

Being engaged in the given kind of sports it is possible to eradicate defects of a posture, painful sensations in a back, and also to normalize a condition of a muscular corset.

Complex for an ideal figure:

A boat. Sitting on a horizontal surface, grasp the area of ​​the thighs, legs while bending at the knee joints. Try to tighten your head as high as possible, concentrating on the crown, and keep the back straight. Next, you need to detach the feet from the surface and raise your ankles so that there is a parallel between them and the floor. Hold in this position for a couple of moments. The technique of breathing is important here – we breathe in, and exhaling needs a little rounding the joints of the back. The next time you breathe in, you straighten your back, repeating the breathing exercise.

Rounds on the back. Fall down on the floor, covering the outer surface of the thighs, only kupić El-Macho Polska holding them with the palms of your hands, while keeping your elbows to the sides. Next, you need to tear your feet off the surface, keeping balance while resting on the floor with coccyx. The spine should be rounded as much as possible. We roll backwards, trying to keep the grouping. The head and neck remain elevated, even when all the rest. When doing exercises, keep the abdominal muscles in tension. Follow the direction of the elbow joints, they should be directed in opposite directions. In order not to lose balance, try not to close your eyes. Do 7-8 repetitions.

The Plank. Stand on your toes and palms, evenly distributing the load along the spine. All the muscles are tense, the stomach is drawn in, the breathing is adjusted. It is in the bar necessary for at least half a minute, then to bring this figure to two minutes. The rack should El-Macho Suisse be comfortable and not deliver pain.

Mermaid. Sit on the floor sideways, leaning on your left hip and your straightened left arm. Raise the body upward, holding it at the top point of 5-10 seconds in tension. At the same time, pull your toes with your fingers, and your gaze rises in the direction of your right hand. Repeat 8-10 times for each side of this exercise.