Beauty Secrets of Antonina Matvienko

150720161Antonina Matvienko is a young and talented singer. Most recently, she was married to a loved one and for the second time became a mother. However, the star very quickly returned to its former shape. As the girl was able to do it? Today we learn the secrets of all the female singer.

1. Power. It is important to eat a lot of fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is best to prepare himself, and not to eat at the cafe. Believe me, only a proper diet will allow you to always look luxurious.
2. Make-up. In ordinary life, the star easily do without makeup.
3. Care. Caring for the skin better than the woman herself. This is no big deal, because you can always cook scrub from the fact that there is always in the kitchen, and a moisturizer to buy at a pharmacy or shop.
4. Hair. As a celebrity hair color white, then they need to provide special care. Of course, this mask. Only they must do twice as often as usual.
5. Attitude towards people. Be kind and open. If possible, try to help people. Remember – life is a boomerang.

As time passed, she became even more beautiful and beautiful! Pay attention to this woman!

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