Beauty Secrets of Brigitte Bardot

Beauty Secrets of Brigitte BardotDreaming to reduce men mad? Believe me, this can be easily achieved. In this case, it is important to heed the advice of a woman who easily does. Today Beauty secrets will reveal the actress Brigitte Bardot.

  • Hair. Before long and beautiful hair is not able to resist no man in the world.
  • Care. The skin should always be in excellent condition. Clean it should be 2 times a week.
  • Makeup. The actress has always supported the natural and naturalness. Women Opinie Maxi Size Polska should use a minimum of makeup. Focus on the merits.
  • Eyebrows. Eyebrows should always is in perfect condition. You do not need to do them either very narrow or very wide.
  • Sexuality. A woman should always look sexy. Only in any case Valgosocks Magyarország vélemények not vulgar.
  • Shoes and Clothing. In the wardrobe of every woman must have a high-heeled shoes and a classic costume.
  • Voice. The voice must always sound sexy. To do this, you have to train.
  • Smile. Smile more often. Men do not tolerate evil women.
  • Riddle. Do not open before the man all the cards. Be a mystery to him.
  • Meeting of old age. Do not worry that you are no longer a young girl. Meet old age with his head held high.

Diet From Brigitte

This amazing, delightful woman is known not only as a seductive figure and sensual features of the face, but also the actress characterizes the non-standard approach to create her own appearance.

And despite the fact that many critics were extremely dissatisfied with the individual theories Valgosocks España comentarios of the star, in her old age she still managed to preserve the symbol of femininity and sexuality.

The diet from Brigitte Bardot was also not accepted by many nutritionists, some of them even called her paradoxical.

But nevertheless, it has a place to be and as the star assures, it was this system of nutrition that she regularly used to prevent her body from creating excess centimeters of subcutaneous fat.

The actress intuitively chose the days when she allowed herself to eat absolutely everything, not restricting herself to strict prohibitions and others – allowing only fruit or opinie Valgosocks Polska vegetable fresh during the day. Also, Brigitte installed unloading days, which allowed herself to eat only 2 chicken eggs, which were not subjected to heat treatment and to drink them with 200 ml of milk.

A few days a month the famous actress assigned orange days and allowed herself at that time freshly squeezed citrus juice and directly oranges. Also, the actress regularly spoke of her weakness for hard cheese, so she considered the main ingredient in any diet to be a slice of hard cheese.

It is known that Brigitte Bardot had earlier her own special judgments about skin care and is now continuing to adhere to them. She believes that the main point that should not be neglected to preserve youth and beauty is a decent moisturizing of tissues. Therefore, the actress believes Valgosocks Portugal comentários that the skin needs close contact with moisture several times a day and every convenient opportunity she washes face. Instead of cream, the actress prefers to use olive oil, which does not only affect the face, but also the whole body. It is the extracts of the olive that provide the skin with a tightness and elasticity at any age.