Beauty Secrets of Carla Bruni

050720161Carla Bruni – one of the most sought after models in the world. She managed to charm the very French President (Nicolas Sarkozy). Most likely, the woman has a secret, which does not know other women. Of course, at the top models of the nature of the wonderful details, but that does not mean that the above is not a need to work. Today we need to try to learn all the details.

  1. Power. The model is very strictly monitors the fact that it lies on satın Valgosocks Türkiye the table. She uses only useful products. Sometimes Bruni arranges itself fasting days. These days she is eating apples and drinking green tea without sugar.
  2. Sport. If a woman wants to have a beautiful figure, without the sport she can not do. Yoga and dance – this is exactly what is needed female body.
  3. Makeup. Makeup must be applied so that it was not even visible. Maximum naturalness – this is what is lacking in the modern women.
  4. Hair. Women’s haircuts are popular today and gone Hair Megaspray Србија спреј tomorrow. As for long hair, they will always be in fashion. Besides beautiful hair give extraordinary femininity.

Lose Weight in Dance – Zumba

The top model is a big fan of dance in all its forms. She is fond of classical interpretations of dance art, as well as more modern trends.

The new Zumba current has become an amazing discovery for the top model. Execution of the movements of the original fitness program allows you to entertain and have fun and at the same time to say goodbye with extra pounds. The incendiary direction combines an effective training complex consisting of classical fitness exercises and elements of Latin American dances.

Carla Bruni assures that for those who miss while training in the gym, a Fito Spray O’zbekiston zumba is a variant that allows you to look in a new light on the pastime aimed at improving the figure. During the execution of the movements, the girls must necessarily look at themselves in the mirror. This will give them the opportunity to see themselves with other eyes, to notice their own gracefulness and plasticity.

In addition, only this way you can determine the errors in performance and correct the technique, as well as catch the clock rhythm of the zumba.

“Zumba is an excellent embodiment of the opinion that all the Fito Spray Кыргызстан most ingenious appears randomly,” the model is convinced. As you know, the zumba really originated accidentally at the moment when the famous fitness coach did not find suitable music and conducted training for Latin American rhythms, diluting classical fitness exercises with movements from various directions of “latina” dance.

In order to lose weight in the dance, you must certainly use in movement such movements as squats, twists, attacks, which are performed at the fastest and incendiary pace. The process of losing weight is triggered by the fact that during the zumba all the muscle groups on the body are worked out.

The tempo is so intense that subcutaneous fat literally melts and after a few sessions you can Fito Spray Россия find a positive effect on your body and on the scale mark. In addition, zumba accelerates metabolism, positively affects the cardiovascular system, contributes to the saturation of the body with oxygen. And also has a huge impact on the pelvic organs, thereby beneficially affecting women’s health.