Beauty Secrets of Catherine Buzhinskaya

Beauty Secrets of Catherine BuzhinskayaCatherine Buzhinskaya able to charm his many fans not only a beautiful voice, but also beauty. Its appearance is always perfect. As the singer manages to achieve this?

  • Cosmetics. Cosmetics is best to choose organic. It is also important to listen to the advice of experts.
  • Hair. In the hair styling pernicious influence means, blow-drying. That hair will always look elegant, it is necessary to apply a hydrating mask.
  • Sport. Staying star in the form of tightened help sports. In addition, they Encomendar El-Macho Portugal are useful not only for a good shape, but also excellent mood. It is important to engage in outdoor activities. It is worth noting that the rest must also be active. No need to lie on the beach under the sun. It is best to play volleyball.
  • Power. To never have to go on a diet, eat well. In fact, all you can eat, but only in moderate amounts.
  • Love. Lovely woman must love yourself, and always take care of yourself. Only this will help you to always be the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Exercise For A Healthy Back

A huge number of women experience back pain.

After sitting all day in the office or sleeping Zamówić El-Macho Polska on an uncomfortable mattress, we encounter an unpleasant sensation in the back or spine.

Conversely, too active life can also lead to such unpleasant phenomena. The famous singer regularly trains the upper body and performs uncomplicated gymnastics for posture. And never suffer from these symptoms. Therefore it is very important to move more and charge.

Complex of exercises:

  1. The Birch. This exercise is known to us from the lessons of physical education, it is very useful not only for the spine, but also inhibits the process of occurrence of varicose veins, and the blood supply to the brain improves. To lay it on your back, lift the legs, try to keep them as flat as possible, pulling your fingers up. Use your hands to support the waist to maintain balance.
  2. Stretching. Lay down on your back, throw your legs up and hold in such a position for 1 minute. Also lying down, bend the right knee and slowly tilt in the opposite direction. Hold for 60 seconds while not lifting your shoulders off the floor. Do the same with the other leg. Breathe smoothly, not performing sharp jerks.
  3. The Grasshopper. You have to stand up straight, feet together. Lowering the body touch the floor with the palms. Do the steps with your hands forward until you find yourself in the position of the bar. Try to keep the body flat. Then pull your leg to your Acheter El-Macho France chest and return it. Perform translational motion in turn, each limb, adhering to a rapid rhythm. Do 10 repetitions.

Celebrity advises with poor physical fitness, exercise to perform at a slower pace, cutting to five repetitions.

Not all can perform the exercises provided, there are contraindications: spine trauma, tuberculosis, oncological diseases, kidney disease and exacerbation of gastrointestinal tract diseases. Also, observe the following rules: the movements should be smooth, choose training clothes for training, in case of dizziness, immediately stop exercising.