Beauty Secrets of Catherine Deneuve

220620163In the autumn of this year, Catherine Deneuve will celebrate 73 years. However, looking at it, it is very difficult to say. Woman looks just fine. For many women it would be very interesting to see how the French actress manage to stay in such good shape ?! Note actress – a true standard of beauty.

  • Age. No need to fear old age and tremble every day on that very soon will appear Collamask France new wrinkles. In this case, most important genetics, rather than cosmetic procedures. Of course, you need to take care of the skin, but without fanaticism.
  • The approach to beauty. At a young age to be beautiful it is very hard (actress experienced it all by herself). For you do not look like an actress, and a pacifier with a beautiful face. Many do not believe it, but actually it is a very difficult test.
  • Femininity and naturalness. Every woman should have these qualities. At the Collamask Hrvatska same time it does not matter what it is – thin or thick.
  • Style. The simpler the clothes, the better. It is also important to choose the right shoes to the outfit.
  • Tsennosti. Lovely woman! In life, the most important thing – it is a family. It is for a woman to play a major role. Children, grandchildren, husband – this is what may be the most valuable thing in life.

A Woman Always Remains Beautiful

Think only! She’s 73. It’s about to turn 74 years old. And in 2018, the shooting of the film Mauvaises herbes, with the participation of the actress of the World Catherine Deneuve, is planned.

How is this even possible? How can you at this age is not that to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to act in films? This woman has gone through a difficult path to achieve such a magnificent career. She herself has the citizenship of France, but her name is known to all those Collamask Србија who work in films and people whose age is more than 35 years.

This star with a big name. She never gives up and always looks elegant. Yes, at her age she can not boast of an excellent body or attractive appearance. Nevertheless, if you look at her from behind, you can be confused with a young woman, whose age is not more than 40 years.

Although the appearance of the face, as well as small wrinkles give her out, the age, which, by the way, says a lot that it is about 50 years, but in fact, it will soon be 75 years. How is this even possible?

In one of her interviews, she confessed that she loved life very much. But he always tries to act wisely. Also, the actress recommends using less sweet, which not only adds a lot of extra calories, but also quickly makes the skin frown, which does not make it possible Collamask de España to fix this situation even with very high-quality cosmetics. She never makes decisions in a state of emotion. He tries to cool off from the heat of passion and in a short amount of time everything is very right to think and decide.

However, the most important thing, she believes, is to remain a beautiful woman. For this it is necessary to use all your time slowly. To be painted the way you like it, to smile, and to remain proud, but at the same time a simple girl. As for the recommendations Collamask Magyarország on clothing, you can make sure that she never tries to wear something that is very fashionable or in great demand. She likes to wear such clothes, in which she will be as simple and comfortable as possible, he advises and most beginners.