Beauty Secrets of Catherine Zeta-Jones

100620161Despite his age, Catherine Zeta-Jones is in great shape. At the same time, they’ve never done plastic surgery. How did she manage to stay so beautiful in 46 years? She has a lot of secrets that we have to learn.

  • Folk remedies. It is best to give preference to all natural. It is always possible to make Fito Spray Magyarország a useful mask for hair or face the fact that there are houses.
  • Diet. Actress almost never dieting. It is best to eat is always right, so you do not expose the body to stress. Jones lost weight several times in my life – after delivery and before the shooting of the film.
  • Sport. Work should be 3 times a week for 2 hours.
  • Smile. There are no perfect people. If you try, even Fito Spray Eesti in the most beautiful women you can find fault. That they were less visible, it is necessary to smile as often as possible.
  • Hair. That hair was always in good condition, you need to make a honey mask on the basis of beer. The best remedy for hair to find simply impossible.
  • Skin. For skin perfect mask with strawberries and pineapple. As Scrub star using salt and honey.

As you can see, even some famous people prefer to carry out all beauty treatments at home Fito Spray Ελλάδα rather than in a beauty salon. Looking at the actress, the effect is stunning. It is time to follow the example of these women!

Efficient Star Diet

A famous actress, stirring the minds of men around the world with her beauty, color and unbridled temperament, advises her fans to lose weight by using a certain dietary food system.

As the actress says, she herself rarely adheres to a diet, but if she needs to quickly get herself into shape, she uses the same method that is verified by time and by numerous users. According to the famous brunette, she prefers not to experiment with the techniques and prefers the same. Thanks Fito Spray Hrvatska to the unique power system, the actress once managed to lose 20 kilograms of excess weight, which she scored during the period of bearing the child. With the help of a diet, the star managed to quickly regain a slim body and skin tightened.

The dietary nutrition system is focused on the course of use for three days, but it is possible to repeat it several times, immediately starting the next one after the completion of the previous one.

Thus, you can extend the diet until your body has the desired effect, and you will not Fito spray Portugal see in your mirror image the optimal result for yourself:

First day: Morning meal consists of an oven-baked omelette made from two chicken eggs, a glass of fresh tomato juice and a small slice of bacon.

The lunch menu – steam cauliflower, a slice of hard cheese of minimal fat content and a salad of raw vegetables.

Dinner consists of several shrimps, 100 grams of boiled low-fat chicken meat, tomato and spinach.

Second day: For breakfast, you need to eat 30 grams of hard cheese with minimal fat content, a slice of smoked salmon, fresh cucumber.

Lunch – baked steak from lean beef, tomato and lettuce leaves with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Dinner – traditional “Caesar”, a slice of tuna and asparagus or broccoli.

Third day: The breakfast menu is a slice of bacon, 60 g of low-fat cheese.

Lunch – 2 steamed cutlets from lamb, a little green peas, cauliflower, cooked on steam.

Dinner – 2 chicken boiled eggs, a piece of crab meat, a pancake made from soy flour. Fruit jelly for dessert.