Beauty Secrets of Christina Asmus

110720169Christine Asmus is lovely young actress who has a lot of great roles. However, her fans worried about the other, no less important issue. The actress is regularly removed, it is growing daughter, but in any event it looks chic How it all works?

1. Power. If correct and balanced eating, you do not need to adhere to never diet. In addition, it Türkiye’de Varicobooster is important not to eat after 18.00
2. Sports. To always be tightened, you have to train. It can be anything. The main thing is not to sit around. More movement.
3. Care. Now the actress skin care personal beautician. Earlier, the actress did everything herself. In her opinion, the expert is better versed in this matter and can always give a very valuable advice.
4. Sleep. The woman is very important to get enough sleep. If lack of sleep is chronic, the bruises under his eyes can not escape.
5. Family and love. For a woman is very important love and family. A loving husband, children – this is what gives a real joy woman and unmistakable eyes shine.

Aqua Aerobics: Exercises For Slenderness

Execution of charging in water is considered to be the most effective way to quickly get rid of excess weight. To practice water fitness does not need special physical training.

This is a great kind of sports load for people of all ages, pregnant women and even people with health problems. A popular actress regularly visits the pool and this is noticeable in her magnificent figure, envied by millions of women.

Aqua aerobics for beginners:

Exercise number 1. Stand straight, pull out the brushes and hold them evenly. Raise your foot and stretch to the fingers of the opposite arm, then lower your leg. There will be enough 15 repetitions with each foot.
Exercise number 2. This popular aerobic exercise is also relevant for water training. To maintain balance, we hold on to the handrails and twist imaginary “pedals”. Underwater, this will make it much more difficult, but the result is worth it. This is an excellent Türkiye’de Hondrocream training for expectant mothers, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh and pelvic region.
Exercise number 3. Lying on your back, grasp the side. The legs are slightly bent at the knees. Breed and reduce legs, the pace gradually increase. The star usually performs 25-30 times.
Exercise 4. To find a thin waist you need to do a simple task on a regular basis. Cross your arms on your chest, turn the body to the right and left, and also perform inclinations forwards and backwards. It is important that your hands are completely covered in water.
Exercise number 5. Go into the water on the chest, keep your hands in the lock, at the level of the stomach, push them away from yourself, and then return it. The star advises to apply polystyrene foam to give weighting.

Despite the fact that water training is one of the safest physical activities, they Türkiye’de Hair Megaspray have a number of medical restrictions.

Aqua aerobics is contraindicated in people with coronary heart disease, with a heart attack, or with the threat of its occurrence, with individual chlorine intolerance, with chronic lung diseases, with colds, with damage to the tympanum, people prone to epilepsy, with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.