Beauty Secrets of Diane Kruger

010720164Diane Kruger – German actress who has achieved unprecedented heights in Hollywood. Looking at this beautiful woman, it is difficult enough to say that she was already 39 years old. She always looks perfect. Today we will find out how she did it.

  • Sleep and avoiding harmful habits. The actress believes that good skin MaxiSize crema España condition affects sleep and avoiding harmful habits.
  • Nutrition. Eating should be correct. If you can not do that, then it is better to restrict water use. It is important to not only eat healthy foods, but also to cook them (from fried foods should be abandoned).
  • An active lifestyle. You have to be constantly on the move. Going as far as possible is best done outdoors. Do not forget about the walks, it has a positive effect on the body as a whole.
  • Make-up. A woman should be like a doll. The smaller cosmetics, the better.
  • Care. Care needs to be a regular. It is necessary not only to visit a beautician, but also to perform some of the procedures themselves. The look should always be flawless.

Plump Lips Without Surgery

The actress regularly expresses extremely negative attitude towards plastic surgery.

She is convinced that any defect in body and appearance can be corrected by special exercises, hair, hair color or special clothes, including corrective underwear.

Despite the fact that she never used the services of plastic surgeons and retained her original appearance, she looks feminine and sexy. The actress is the owner of a neatly cute mouth, but despite this, she manages to have sensual puffy lips on some photos and sometimes fans put Maxi Size Suisse forward the theory that after all, the actress is not alien to visiting the salons of the plastic industry.

But the actress debunks this opinion and says that she has some knowledge that allows you to increase the volume of your lips without hikes to surgeons.

All the fault – a special technique that allows you to visually increase your lips without dangerous and harmful surgical interventions, and injections.

Create a voluminous mouth can absolutely any woman who wants, since the technique Maxisizer Κύπρος has no contra-indications and prohibitions. And most importantly, this tool is of a permanent or temporary nature and after a short time returns to the lips the usual form and volume. It all depends on your desire and on the duration of the method.

In order to independently increase the lips in the volume it is necessary to perform special gymnastics, which acts on the muscles of the face, located near the oral cavity. This zone, as well as any area on the body can increase from physical exertion, so special MaxiSize крем България exercises can literally pump up the lips.

It is necessary to wrap the upper lip inside the oral cavity so that the teeth and gum are open. Hold it in the center with your finger, make light pats with a finger pad across the lip, starting from the center, to the corners of the mouth. Then you need to hold the lip with one hand, the index and thumbs at MaxiSize crema Italia the same time to pat the corners. The same thing should be done with the lower lip.