Beauty Secrets of Doutzen Kroes

Beauty Secrets of Doutzen KroesDoutzen Kroes – Netherlands model, which is popular not only in his native country, but also worldwide. This woman is not only engaged in a career, but also his family (the model has 2 children). With all the congestion woman always looks delicious. We will open the secrets of the famous model.

  • Natural data. Model sure that nature has bestowed upon it excellent data. She coment├írios Hondrocream Portugal was not inclined to be overweight, so it can eat anything you want.
  • Sports. The star may miss training with a coach, without a twinge of conscience. At the same time, any excess centimeters at the waist appears. Of course, the star goes in for sports (boxing), and most recently the ballet. If possible, all the classes of the Nakup El-Macho Slovenija model are in nature.
  • Person. Takes care of face skin model to a minimum. Most important to apply less makeup in everyday life, moisturize and nourish the skin. Everything is simple.
  • Hairstyle. There’s nothing more luxurious than luxurious tresses.
  • Nutrition. The morning starts with a model of fruit juice. The diet should be varied and include fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Celebrity love french fries, but abuse it is still no one is.

Cunning Night Makeup From A Celebrity

The popular model does not get tired of pleasing its fans, appearance at social events and the red carpet.

Therefore, quite often on the face you can see the evening make-up and the star will share the secrets of its application.

Evening makeup rules:

The basis. First you need to clean and moisturize your face. The tone does not cover exactly the surface of the face, if it has roughness … The star advises, the basis for makeup to distribute the pads of the fingers. So much better absorbed cosmetic.

Tone. The pledge of a beautiful but natural makeup is a tone. Do not use a toning coating Compra El-Macho Espa├▒a too thick layer, bright artificial light will emphasize skin imperfections. At evening events, the light is usually muffled, and so that the face does not show any drawbacks, pick up a tonal reminder, a little lighter than the skin tone. If you prefer a tonal product for secular makeup, it’s important to follow the simple rule – the darker the lighting on the evening party, the lighter the complexion should be. With the help of a tinted product, you can give your face an ideal shape – an oval, for this it is enough to draw an oval on your face and darken the protruding parts of your face with a darker shade. All skin imperfections: bruises under the eyes, blackheads and other minor flaws can be removed with the help of an equalizer.

Powder. Give preferences friable powder, on the texture it is better to lay kupiti El-Macho Hrvatska down and will make a skin seductive and silky. Apply a golden shade of powder, let it be a little lighter than your tone.

Eyes. The emphasis is on the mirror of the soul. You need to give them expressiveness and effulgence. We begin to make up our eyes with the eyebrows. You can use shadows, pencil or gel. In the evening, flickering or pearly shadows look great. You can afford the brightest ideas. Application – carcasses-this is the last chord at the end of the eye makeup.

Lips. In order for the lips to be seduced, use juicy colors: bright red, rich pink, cherry. During the party ladies can drink, eat and lipstick does not last long, so you need to choose a firm covering of the lips. In order for lipstick to stay on
Comprare El-Macho Italia your lips all evening, paint the entire surface of your lips with a pencil, then cover your lips with lipstick, then powder your lips and apply a layer of lipstick again.