Beauty Secrets of Drew Barrymore

Beauty Secrets of Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore became an actress as a child. Her life was a lot of frustration victories, but she found the strength to go on. Today Barrymore not only demanded an actress, but also a great mother. How she manages to combine work life and always be in great shape?

  • Skin care and makeup. The actress always in favor of naturalness. At what it should be in all things (makeup, hair color). Barrymore does not use expensive cosmetics. In her view, expensive – does not mean good.
  • Lifestyle. The actress believes that a woman should not sit still. We need constant Valgosocks Suisse activity. Barrymore is engaged in yoga, pilates, jogging.
  • Nutrition. The actress is fed correctly. Now she eats meat, fish, eggs (although I was a vegetarian). It is necessary to have everything, but slowly. If overeaten – the next day every calorie work out in the gym.
  • The internal state. Stop envying others and constantly angry. Believe me, if all this is to stop doing, you will see how beautiful life itself in all its manifestations. Besides, we should not be sad, you smile more often.

The Training Program From Drew Barrymore

On the Hollywood celebrity, Drew Barrymore wants to be equal.

She wants to imitate and look just as beautiful hodnocení Valgosocks Česká republika and stunning. Her beautiful figure can be envied by any woman.

To maintain herself in perfect shape, the star has developed a special training program, and the Hollywood actress shares it.

How to make a Drew Barrymore figure? To achieve such beautiful and sexual forms, as the actress needs constant training and a balanced diet. Exercises are simple and accessible to everyone. Here is one of the options for classes:

Day 1. Deadlift. Pulling in the graviton. The approach to the platform. Swig with weights.
Day 2. Press the dumbbells. Dash of dumbbells. Bench barbell above the head. Twisting.
Day 3. Squeezing from the floor. Front squats. Pulling in the graviton. Falls with dumbbells.

For each exercise, the number of approaches is 5-7 in each exercise, depending on your physical fitness. Repetitions – from 10 to 25. The result recensioni Valgosocks Italia of this training will exceed all expectations.

Hollywood actress also recommends yoga classes. The star admits that yoga helps not only get rid of stress, but also lose weight, and also maintain a good shape. Here are some exercises that Drew Barrymore performs:

  • Stand up steadily, holding your fingers behind your back in the lock, while taking a deep breath, slightly bend in the spine and hold the position for no more than 5 seconds. Exercise your head back.
  • Pose of a chair. You mimic the movement, as if sitting down on a chair, the back is отзиви Valgosocks България straight. Hands are raised above the head. After making a squat, hold the position for 25-30 seconds, then go back to the starting position.
  • Pose of the warrior. Take a step forward, the foot should be between the hands. Stand up straight. Put your hands over your head.
  • The pose of the triangle. The body needs to be tilted to the exposed leg. The palm is on the floor next to the foot. The second hand continues the line first.

Carry out this complex 3-4 times a week, watch your breathing, perform exercises consistently. Poses choose Hondrocream în România according to the characteristics and physical fitness. Performing the exercises proposed by the actress, and while eating properly, you will find forms like a Hollywood star.