Beauty Secrets of Ekaterina Guseva

Beauty Secrets of Ekaterina GusevaEkaterina Guseva not only a talented actress, but also a very beautiful woman. Looking at it, the hearts of men begin to beat faster. Now Guseva a lot of work (shooting a movie, the work in the theater), but she always looks amazing. How she manages to cope with everything?

  1. Style. A woman should like, first of all himself, but not others.
  2. Movement. To figure has always been slim, you need to play sports. It is important to alternate different sports.
  3. Love yourself. A woman must love yourself. Do not completely Solicitar Valgosocks España dissolve in the family and the man she loved. We must learn to find time for yourself and your hobbies.
  4. Care. Visit the beauty salon once a week. All treatments not only make you younger, but also to charge the positive energy.
  5. Sleep. You can give up a lot, but not from a dream. 8 hours – this is the time during which the body is restored.
  6. Cosmetics. In everyday life, the actress gives rest to the skin, because the shooting always do a lot of makeup.
  7. Smile. Smile more often and enjoy your life.

Rules Of Harmony From The Actress

Fragile and defenseless, at first glance, an actress, has an inner core within herself and has strong character.

If she needs to achieve something, she goes to it, mentally directing the inner energy to realize her plans. In order to have a perfect appearance and even after some increase in its own weight, quickly return to the desired form, Ekaterina Guseva uses rules that have been tested by time. It was thanks to them that she quickly recovered and Valgosocks Polska zamów put herself in order after pregnancy. In fact, the star says that it is best to use these tips not when you have already gained weight, but try to stick to them all the time. So you will not be able to recover and always look like a million dollars.

What is the essence of the recommendations: An unshakable part of life is physical exercise. At what it can be obtained not only in the sports hall, but also in everyday life. You should move as much as possible during the day, along the stairs, along the streets, and so on.

Even cleaning your home can be with physical filling, if you perform it in an accelerated mode under vigorous music. Dilute your day by active pastime and make time for walking, cycling or running. And of course, what a full-fledged sport must necessarily be.

Another option will ensure the formation of fat on the body. Be sure to avoid excessive consumption of sweet, flour and fried foods. Never eat before going to bed. If the feeling of hunger inexorably drink a glass of yogurt.

Approximate menu of Ekaterina Guseva:

  • Breakfast consists of oatmeal, low-fat yogurt and a cup of coffee.
  • As a lunch, he uses a salad of fruits and yogurt.
  • Borsch is the obligatory dish, which the actress dines. On the second prefers a salad of vegetables.
  • Snack – kefir or fruit fresh, you Encomendar Valgosocks Portugal can add dietary cookies.
  • Dinner often consists of vegetables cooked steamed and baked fish.
  • The actress assures that this system is completely safe and has no contraindications. And if you use it for weight loss, you can lose about 10 kilograms in one month.