Beauty Secrets of Ekaterina Klimova

Beauty Secrets of Ekaterina KlimovaEkaterina Klimova not only a talented actress, but also a mother of four children. Sometimes it is hard to believe, because it has a perfect figure. However, she always looks well-groomed. In his 38 years, she looks 25. How she manages to keep youth?

  • Power. Most importantly follow the diet, because people – it is a map of what he eats. Sometimes you need to arrange fasting days on which only drink kefir and water.
  • Sport. With exercise, the body will always fit. Choose what to liking. The main thing, more traffic.
  • Care. For skin care you need. It does not matter where to do it – at home or in a beauty salon. Now there are a lot of masks, which are perfectly cope with their tasks.
  • Sleep. I need to sleep 9 hours a day. If a woman has a rest at comandă Valgosocks România night as it should, one morning she woke up fresh and beautiful.
  • Makeup. Now many girls are very brightly painted, but it had long been overdue. Much nicer look natural makeup.
  • Inner harmony. Important for women to the surrounding atmosphere. If it is positive, it will be all right.

Recipes Of Honey Masks For The Face Of An Amazing Actress And A Wonderful Woman

The actress has long used honey for cosmetic procedures. It is a storehouse of all kinds of vitamins, which best affect your skin.

The celebrity has secret recipes for using a natural product and she shares them with her fans. Using masks of honey, you can return the skin, vitality and natural shine.


– The presence of allergies to any component of the mask.
– Hormonal imbalance.
– Diabetes.
– Disease of bronchial asthma.
– Diseases and vasodilation.

The use of honey treatments will give your skin softness and relieve premature skin aging. The mask with the addition of cinnamon and honey remarkably stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body. For cooking you need: honey in the Valgosocks Ελλάδα τιμή amount of 2 tablespoons, cinnamon 5 grams and sour cream 20 milliliters. After mixing you need to warm up a little. Apply the mask, massage movements. After 20 minutes, rinse.

Pampered skin also honey peeling. Take a tablespoon of natural, ground coffee and combine with one spoonful of honey. In the resulting mixture, report a small spoon of sour cream and coconut oil. The mass on the face should be about 10-20 minutes, then it should be washed with mineral water.

When there are rashes and inflammations on the skin, you will be able to cope with these troubles with a mask of honey and oatmeal. Take warm water, about 15 milligrams and add as much honey. Pour oatmeal with this liquid. Kashi should be 30-40 grams. The mask should stand for 3-5 minutes. Keep on face for at least 10 minutes, then wash.

A mask with strong tea and honey will help dry skin. To make Valgosocks Deutschland Bewertungen a mask, take 10 milliliters of black tea. Add to it 10-15 milligram of citrus juice and a spoonful of honey. At the end we pour oatmeal. All mixed and applied by massage movements. Before you wash, keep the mask for 20-25 minutes.

Owners of dry skin will help a mask with honey and an apple. This drug nourishes the skin with vitamins. It is necessary to take one apple and grate it on a fine grater. To the mass that turned out, add one spoonful of honey. After thoroughly mixed, apply the mixture on the face. After holding 25 minutes, you can wash with warm or cool water.