Beauty Secrets of Elizabeth Boyarsky

Beauty Secrets of Elizabeth BoyarskyElizabeth Boyarsky young and beautiful woman. Today she has a very busy schedule, but this does not prevent her to be always on top. What secrets hides an actress?

  1. Diet. The actress is not sitting on a diet, because it is not natural. Full girl also likes men. It is important to start the morning with a glass of water.
  2. Plastic surgery. Boyarsky against plastic surgery, because after them, all women are the same. The women lost individuality.
  3. Solarium. The actress never visited a solarium, as it adversely Objednat Valgosocks Česká republika affects the skin condition. Best of all natural skin color.
  4. Care. Every girl from a young age must take care of themselves. Face masks should be done several times a week. The skin should always moisturize and nourish.
  5. Sport. Boyarsky is not involved in sports. Perhaps in the future actress will change their attitude towards sports.
  6. Smile. Women need to smile more often, because this is a real beauty.
  7. The inner world. Women are much more important to work on your inner world. Pacifiers are no longer in vogue.

How To Make Up Eyes Correctly

A woman’s look beckons and fascinates, but to focus on it, you need to use small tricks in makeup.

A popular actress, she knows the art of correctly applying “make-up”. Elizabeth Boyarskaya never ceases to fascinate millions of her fans with her irresistibility. The eyes of the star always shine and radiate happiness. Slightness of eye makeup:

Eyelashes. To make your eyes clear and seductive, you should paint your eyelashes well, adding volume to them. With the help of the carcass we paint the hairs, by this lengthening and dividing them. Mascara is desirable to paint in two layers. Choose cosmetics individually ordina Valgosocks Italia for you. Star recommends covering the eyelid surface with a uniform layer, to avoid lumps and gluing.

Arrows. To apply the ideal shooter, you will need a piping or special marker. Try using the arrow several times to train your hand, then you will have the perfect contour. If you are eyeing, you use a pencil, then the line must be shaded, so that it looks natural and slightly careless.

Eyeshadow. With the help of cosmetics and technique of application, it is quite possible to give the eyes the desired shape. Round eyes are corrected by applying light shadows in the corners of the eyelids and increasing the hue by increasing, making it all darker. Necessarily all is shaded. A popular model recommends, in this case, painting only the upper eyelashes. Dark shadows need to stain out bulging eyes. Wiring should only be applied on the upper eyelid. The actress advises the owners of small eyes, visually increase them, using bright and shiny shadows.

With this drawback, the arrows should draw classical, narrow along the edge and thicken in the middle. The lower eyelid, do not fail and highlight with a dark color, this visually will give the opposite effect.

Close-up eyes are distinguished by a slightly noticeable shade and gradually Valgosocks България поръчка shade more dark. Brown eyes are well distinguished by shades of olive, brown, purple and gray hue. Green eyes should choose a palette of blue and purple flowers. Blue-eyed girls, fit shades of pale pink and lilac paints. Gray-eyed will suit all the colors of gray and give preference to darker colors.