Beauty Secrets of Eva Herzigova

Beauty Secrets of Eva HerzigovaEva Herzigova – Czech model, which in his youth enjoyed unprecedented popularity. She was able to reach the podium at the fifth month of pregnancy, because it is always in great shape.

She is 43, and it remains just as beautiful. How she manages to maintain a good shape? Today, all the details.

  • Clothing. It does not matter how a woman is dressed. The main thing is to be comfortable. It is equally important that the clothes were washed and ironed.
  • Care. For the model it is important to feel that the skin clean Macho Man EspaƱa producto and moisturized. Do not forget to use sunscreen. Most skin suffers it from sunlight. As for the eyebrows, they should always be well groomed.
  • Spirits. Every woman needs to find its own unique flavor. However, you should never apply perfume to clothing, because the stain may remain. It is better to spray them into the air and plunge into the wonderful aroma.
  • Make-up. If you want to go to the podium, the model without make-up artist is never complete. As for everyday life, then you can apply make-up on their own (mascara, lipstick, foundation).
  • Happiness and love. The woman is very important to love. If not, then it is difficult to remain beautiful.

Dzhusing – Pledge Of Beautiful Forms

Eva Herzigova always tries to maintain a healthy diet. But sometimes she manages to gain a few extra pounds, which can interfere with a career.

However, the top model knows how you can correct your figures in the shortest possible time and remove the centimeters that are not desired forever. For several years she follows the advice of Hollywood nutritionists who recommend using a special diet based on fresh herbs for rapid weight loss. This program is aimed at removing harmful toxins from the body, eliminates slagging and triggers accelerated metabolism.

Today, many showbiz showbizers adhere to dzhusinga and thanks to him have a shining, smart appearance. However, the Czech supermodel recommends using its recipes only after consulting with a medical specialist, since an unshakable rule in such a case as Macho Man France avis losing weight is the motto “Do No Harm”. Only after the approval of the doctor can you try an effective system. Before applying the juice diet, you need a few days before starting to give up fatty and protein foods, flour products and sweets. If this requirement is not met, one can feel malaise and dizziness, as well as internal discomfort.

Cocktail cucumber. To make it, you need fresh cucumber, cabbage, spinach, beets and carrots. Each ingredient should be in equal parts. You need to let the vegetables grind to a mushy state and add a little garlic and ginger root to the mixture. Next, you need to fill the composition with one glass of water. During the day, you need to drink at least one liter of cocktail.

But you need to prepare it a little, only for one or two receptions, since the Macho Man Eesti toodet mixture is perishable and after 3 hours is considered unfit. The course is one week.

Cocktail of avocado. For cooking, you need to grind half of the avocado in a blender. Add in the mixture 100 grams of low-fat yogurt without additives, 200 grams of water and a teaspoon of honey. You need to consume a cocktail 4 times a day at the time of bouts of hunger.

The mixture helps to blunt appetite and saturates the body for several hours. The course lasts not more than one week.