Beauty Secrets of Eva Mendes

Beauty Secrets of Eva MendesEva Mendes – the actress of Cuban origin. Millions of men are fascinated by the beauty of this woman. It seems that this woman the strength to turn back the clock, and it’s perfect in every way. So, how she manages to stay beautiful and attractive 42 years? The answer to this question is of interest to many women.

  • Morning. Upon awakening should immediately drink a glass of water with lemon Hair Megaspray Slovenija juice. It is an ideal means of cleaning the body.
  • Person. For the person does not need to use ordinary water from the tap, and pink. Tap water is very dry skin, and this can not be allowed.
  • Hair. Constant styling, hair sprays – all it harms the hair. To make them more well-maintained, it is necessary to apply a nourishing mask for the whole night.
  • Cosmetics. The actress prefers cosmetics only Hair Megaspray Italia known and proven brands. The skin – this is not the place for experiments.
  • Clothing. Dresses must be chosen so that they emphasized the dignity and form. However, women are beginning to understand it only with age.

How To Deceive The Body And Reduce Your Appetite?

The stars, as well as ordinary people have a whim, are satisfied with something caloric and not useful.

And just like all people in the world they can seize the stress and have a habit of constant chewing in the form of a bad habit. Actress Eva Mendes says that since childhood she was a real gourmet and sometimes could just be obsessed with the idea of ​​a snack. Often this desire was confused with a true sense of hunger, which led to a quick set of excess weight.

Being in a mature and conscious age, she learned to control the outbursts of the desire to tasty and snack. In addition, thanks to some secrets, she learned to deceive her body in the name of good intentions to keep her sexy slender body and blunt the feeling of hunger. In fact, these tips are the simplest and someone can be skeptical about them, but if they are firmly rooted in their lives, you will be able to rejoice in the significant changes in your appearance.

Control the size of portions and forbid yourself to overeat. Even if it seems to you that you have not sufficiently satisfied your appetite and not ate, believe that the opinion is wrong and in a few minutes you will feel that you are completely full. 30 minutes Hair Megaspray Portugal before eating, eat 2 tablespoons of bran and drink 200 ml of water. They swell in the stomach and will not allow you to eat more than you need.

Eva Mendes at home never eats food from white plates. The actress listened to the opinion of experts who argue that white dishes provoke a feeling of hunger, and plates of dark color on the contrary blunt appetite.

Even when Eva Mendes adheres to a dietary diet, she makes sure that the food used has excellent taste. In this case, it provides satisfaction and rapid saturation.

Before breakfast you need to eat boiled egg. Proteins contribute Hair Megaspray Česká republika to the correct hormonal background, and thanks to it you can avoid overeating.

Actress Eva Mendez took for herself the habit of eating fruit or vegetable before meals. Also use fruits as snacks throughout the day.

The star makes sure that you do not skip meals. The diet Hair Megaspray Κύπρος should be on schedule, otherwise it’s difficult to cope with your appetite.