Beauty Secrets of Evangeline Lilly

Beauty Secrets of Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly beautiful young actress. However, many women are interested in not only her career. This young girl is very beautiful, so women are interested in a different, more exciting question. How do you stay in such good shape as an actress?

  • A minimum of makeup. The actress is in great shape. Her secret – the use of Hair Megaspray Suisse cosmetics to a minimum. Naturalness never lose relevance and does not go out of fashion. On the make-up actress spends 5-7 minutes. It should be only slightly emphasize the eyes and lips, not to paint yourself.
  • Sport. Lily devotes much time to training. However, her favorite activity canoeing and riding a snowboard. More movement.
  • Care. The necessary skin care you can do at home. There is nothing Hair Megaspray España natural ingredients. Recipes masks can be easily found on the Internet.
  • Hair. Notice the hair, the actress chic. This can be achieved also in the home. There is nothing better kefir mask.
  • Purpose. You should never give up on the way to his goal. Of course, obstacles will sometimes be very difficult, but in any case can not be discouraged.

Finally I want to wish everyone a sincere love and happiness, because it is only important in life.

Sign Of Nobility – Perfect Posture

According to Evangeline Lilly, the ideal appearance begins with an excellent royal posture.

It is this feature that gives the woman of the fair sex femininity and sexuality. You can not have particularly pronounced reliefs on the body, have a small bust and not an ideal waist, a smooth Hair Megaspray Magyarország graceful back – that’s what will hide all the shortcomings and allocate you from the mass of other women.

In order to overcome the congenital stoop and make yourself look different, demonstrating excellent plasticity and beautiful posture to those around you, you must regularly adhere to certain rules that will allow you to become a graceful lady, with the mannerisms of a royal person.

The actress fulfills these very rules and strongly recommends that all women who want to have a look of pride and dignity listen to her advice. These simple recommendations can eradicate almost all defects and curvatures of the back.

Constantly and in any cases, remember the need to keep your back exactly.

Even if it seems difficult, try not to relax and stand flat. In order to correctly determine the ideal position of the back, you need to press the shoulder blades, the back of the head and the heels against Hair Megaspray România the wall, feel this position for several minutes, fill it and then move away, trying not to change the initial position of the back.

Imagine that the line of the back stretches a string from the back of the neck to the waist, which does not allow you to bend your back. Perfect posture is not only strong muscles, but also regular control over oneself.

Make sure that the shoulder blades are lowered, and the shoulders are not looking at each other. With the correct position of the shoulders and shoulder blades, the head should be slightly raised.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the state of bending in the lower back, not clamping the lower spine. Train yourself to walk beautifully. A light and graceful Hair Megaspray Schweiz gait in itself forms an even posture and an elegant silhouette.

Take for yourself the rule of constantly keeping abdominal muscles in tension.

Regularly provide relaxation of the spine with the help of a crossbar. If you do not have one, you need to grasp your hands behind the doorway and tighten your legs.