Beauty Secrets of French

070920166The French are always distinguished by a special charm and beauty. Most likely, they know a lot of women’s secrets, to look attractive. Let’s find out all the secrets of their women!

1. Skin Care. The French are always watching your skin, so it is their flawless.
2. Make-up. In everyday life, the French prefer a light and unobtrusive makeup (blusher, mascara, lipstick). They try to look as natural. Of course, before an important rendezvous French use red lipstick. It does not matter what a woman is wearing. But the presence of red lipstick on the lips required.
3. Matting agent. Women in France do not use powder or creams. These funds have nothing to do with naturalness.
4. Mowing. In no case can save on haircut or hair color.
5. Perfume. French women have a lot of perfume. Somehow or other odors need to use depending on your mood.
6. Sun. French women do not tan, because due to this skin ages faster.

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