Beauty Secrets of Gisele Bundchen

Beauty Secrets of Gisele BundchenGisele Bundchen – Brazilian-born model, who is the highest paid in the world. This woman certainly knows how to captivate a man just a few minutes. Bundchen will reveal all its trump cards and secrets.

  • Sports. A woman should always go in for sports. It can be anything. The main lesson El-Macho en France to be fun. The body must be in motion, rather than sitting in one place.
  • Nutrition. Eating should be fractional. In addition, you can eat whatever you like. The most important thing to know in the whole measure. It is particularly important to see to it that a woman eats during pregnancy.
  • Hair. Above model is constantly conjure up artists El-Macho Schweiz hairdressers, stylists, so the day it gives skin and hair a rest.
  • Make-up. Of course, makeup is necessary to allocate the eye. Charming sight able to seduce any man.
  • Drinking currently. A woman should accept and love yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages. No perfect people need to understand.
  • Alcohol. The model does not drink alcohol.
  • Sunburn. Sunbathing is possible and necessary, but only during certain hours (from 7 am to 10 am).
  • Inner Beauty. For a woman it is important not so much external as internal beauty. Harmony must be between the body and the soul.

How The Supermodel Cares For The Skin

Gisele Bundchen is the owner of dry skin of the face. It is this type of epidermis that needs more thorough daily care, so the model exerts a lot of effort to supply its skin tissues with the necessary moisture and thereby prevent premature wilting.

Giselle considers herself a supporter of all natural, therefore she prefers to cosmetics for skin care products of industrial production natural products that are made individually for themselves in the El-Macho в България home, so they do not contain any fragrances, preservatives and other negative chemical constituents

In order to exclude the unpleasant sensations of having dry skin – a feeling of tightness, roughness, crackling, etc., the star recommends listening to her advice.

She tried many different methods of skin care, but is a fan of a certain complex, in the effectiveness El-Macho Magyarországon of which she was repeatedly convinced. But first you need to pay attention, is not dry skin the consequence of some unpleasant disease.

Therefore, the star is very recommended to consult a specialist for the diagnosis of his body. If the medical officer does not determine any violations in the functioning of internal systems, you can safely use the tips of the supermodel.

Giselle is a big fan of various masks of her own cooking, which quickly eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of dry skin.

One of them, in opinion. model, the most effective – the mask of avocado. In order to cook it you should take half the green fruit, 2 teaspoons of natural honey and one spoon of vegetable oil, in the priority of olive. Stir the ingredients and apply to cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. A course of weekly application of this remedy guarantees the transformation and hydration of the skin.

Another variant of the home mask is potato. It is necessary in a small amount of mashed potatoes El-Macho v České republice to add 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Apply to face and wash off after 15-20 minutes. The effect of this tool will surpass all expectations – the model guarantees.