Beauty Secrets of Helena Christensen

Beauty Secrets of Helena ChristensenHelena Christensen – not just a beautiful woman, but also a wonderful model. Her beauty admired by all the men of the planet, because this woman is simply no weaknesses. Today we learn all the secrets of her beauty.

  • Care. Solar bathrooms even any type of skin does not bring Garcinia Veda Cambogia Italia perdere peso the skin, so the cream, which protects from the sun should always be used. Do not skeptical about the masks that are cooked at home. Try it, you will not regret.
  • Cosmetics. Model collects cosmetics that gets all over the world.
  • Oil. There is no better tool for the skin than oil. As for food, it should also be consumed in sufficient quantities.
  • Sport. Model sport began practicing recently. She regrets Garcinia Veda Cambogia España la pérdida de peso only that had not begun to do so. If you practice regularly, then cellulite will not hint.
  • Walking. Try to walk more instead of driving a car. Walking is great trains muscles.
  • Water. Two liters of water a day – that is what the body needs.
  • Experiments. Do not be afraid to change. Change from time to time satın Maxi Size Türkiye the image.
  • Setting. Communicate with people who love life.

Wrap Recipes, Which Are Used For Losing Weight A Well-Known Model

Helena Christensen often uses a variety of methods to maintain a beautiful body and elastic skin.

The model gives preference to wraps to get rid of extra centimeters. According to the ideal figure of the star, you can safely say that this is a very effective way to lose weight and improve the skin condition.

Types of wrapping:

  • Mustard. Such a cosmetic procedure should be performed within half an hour, it is impossible Varicobooster Türkiye to keep the mixture on the body for a long time. Can be used once a week. Honey must be mixed with mustard. In the proportion of 2 tablespoons of honey and 10 grams of dry mustard. Then, the tool you made is distributed on skin tissues and wrapped with polyethylene. Wash off with warm water. This method can cause burning on the skin, with a strong reaction, wash it off immediately.
  • Clay wrap. To prepare the mixture, cosmetic clay or different types of mud will perfectly suit the mud of volcanic origin. The composition includes two tablespoons of clay or mud with the addition of warm water, to get a thick gruel. The ready mix is ​​gently distributed on those parts of the skin that need it and wrap around the film. Keep for an hour. Rinse with warm water and moisten the tissues with a lotion or cream.
  • From seaweed. The star recommends the procedure with seaweed, they are the most effective for getting rid of extra pounds and fighting with skin imperfections. Take seaweed in dried form. Perfect fit kelp or fucus. A mixture of three tablespoons kelp and hot water, should be insisted for forty minutes. Next, apply it to the problem areas and wrap it with a film, creating the effect of the bath. Hold for about an hour and rinse with hot water. Such procedures have contraindications for use: varicose, allergy to any component of the prepared mixture, skin damage, vascular disease, kidney or heart disease, and even to pregnant women.

To quickly get the Hondrocream Türkiye result from the procedure, you should perform wraps regularly and consistently. The star assures, following all the recommendations, you clean the pores on your skin, remove toxins, the skin will be saturated with vitamins, blood circulation will improve.