Beauty Secrets of Helena Korikova

Beauty Secrets of Helena KorikovaElena Korikova is a popular actress of theater and cinema. Its publication is always memorable, because she always looks great. She still perfect: hairstyle, makeup, dress. How did she manage to stay in ’44 so young and attractive?

  1. Plastic Surgery. Korikova never sought help from plastic surgeons. She believes that external beauty is very closely connected with the inner. If a person is good, then it will always looks beautiful.
  2. Nutrition. It is important to eat right. You do not need to overeat and kupi Hondrocream Slovenija consume high-calorie meals. It is best to eat salads and lean meat.
  3. Sport. If a woman wants her body to stay longer in good shape, it is necessary to visit the gym. Only sports help keep slim figure.
  4. Makeup. As for the makeup, you can do without it in everyday life. If to be an important event, it is best to consult a professional.
  5. Care. Caring for your skin is also best left to the beautician to itself not to make mistakes.
  6. The inner world. A woman must be rich spiritually. Learn to forgive the offenders. Try to always think positive.

Lip Scrubs

The famous actress is the owner of seductive and well-groomed lips. Especially in the winter, they are very afflicted.

For the care of sponges perfect fit scrubs, which the popular artist regularly uses and gladly share their secrets. These non-complex recipes can be prepared at home.

How to do the peeling: before the procedure, cleanse the lips of makeup and apply a hot towel, so you will steam the skin and only then, smoothly rub the prepared scrub.

Soak the mixture for five to eight minutes. After the procedure, gently blot with a cotton pad and moisten with hygienic lipstick or oil. The frequency of cosmetic surgery can not exceed two times a week. The result will be noticeable after five, six times. There are contraindications vásárlás Hondrocream Magyarország for the use of scrubs: allergy to components, viral diseases, herpes, open wounds on the lips, recovery period after the increase in the lips.

Scrub of honey and sugar. Take a spoonful of honey and the same amount of sugar, add coconut oil. It is necessary to mix well and apply on prepared lips. Slightly massage and hold for about five minutes and rinse. The star recommends not to forget, after any procedure, moisturize your lips with a cream or a special remedy.

Peeling from coffee. To make a mixture, in the thick of freshly ground coffee, add a teaspoon of sour cream and mix. A well-known actress recommends that the cooked gruel be slightly heated. After putting on the lips and a little massage. After 4-5 minutes rinse. Also, as another variation, you can take the coffee grinded and mix it with almond oil in 1: 1 proportions. The mixture is rubbed into the lips and washed off after 10-15 seconds.

Scrub with cinnamon. Brown sugar mixed with a teaspoon of grape Hondrocream Česká hodnocení seed oil and add a little cinnamon. Prepared paste, softly rub your lips and rinse. This product perfectly cleanses the skin and exfoliates the dead particles. It will also soften your lips and nourish with useful ingredients.