Beauty Secrets of Irina Allegrova

090720165Irina Allegrova is great singer. She is now 64 years. Yes, yes it is – 64. However, looking at it, it is difficult to guess her true age. Allegrova always tucked up and leave. How she manages to stay so beautiful, regardless of age?

1. Stress. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations. It is a detrimental effect on female beauty. Look for positive emotions. If the stressful situation was made, then it is necessary to properly exit.
2. Nutrition. The singer does not stick to a diet. It is much wiser kupi Varicobooster Slovenija to make meals more diverse and eat small portions.
3. Massage. The singer regularly doing massage. This is a cosmetic procedure, without which the star can not do. Even after the massage, you can go to the pool.
4. Facial. For a person cares singer herself. She nobody entrust such a responsible mission. Besides, there is nothing better than home remedies for skin care.
5. Negative. On the negative must always fight. Think about the good and to do comprar Varicobooster Portugal good deeds. Surround yourself with good and decent people. Only a woman with a good heart can be really beautiful.

The Most Effective Body Mask

Any woman wants to have a smooth, velvety, smooth and delicate skin. The popular actress succeeds, despite her age.

A well-known singer, in order to maintain the beauty of the skin for many years, she takes care of her every day. Applying procedures that are made from the simplest products.

Masks for all skin types:

– Against aging. The use of this prescription enhances metabolic processes in the body and breaks down the subcutaneous fat. The star advises to prepare a mixture of sea kale or ready-made dry mixtures, which contain seaweed. Then pour hot water, but not with boiling water. Leave the broth for an hour, then drain the water, and apply the remainder to the body and hold for about 1 hour. After the procedure, take a shower.
– Toning. To keep the body in tone and avoid signs of fading skin, you need to mix: 2 tiles of bitter chocolate, pre-melt it, 10 milligrams of peach or other fruit oil. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice into the mixture, preferably freshly squeezed. Then apply a thick layer and hold for 25 minutes.
– Anti-cellulite. A very good procedure that promotes weight loss and will make the body perfectly smooth. Prepare it simply: in 50 milliliters of water, pour 20-25 grams of coffee grounds and 100 grams of white clay. Moisten the skin before applying the mask. The mixture is rubbed Acquista Varicobooster Italia with massaging movements. Leave for 10 minutes. For breast regeneration. A mass of oatmeal will serve as a breast lift. Two tablespoons of flakes and pour boiling water. Wait 10 minutes and put on the bust area, only first cool and 20-25 minutes lie with it. There is no contraindication to this natural remedy.
– Vitamin mask. In the pharmacy you can buy ampoules with vitamins and pour into your favorite cream or lotion used for the body. You can also drip a few drops into the already prepared mask. For example, in fruit, cook apple or pear puree, combine with a glass of warmed milk. Hold for half an hour on problem areas.