Beauty Secrets of Irina Dubtsova

Beauty Secrets of Irina DubtsovaIrina Dubcova is a great singer who is also a songwriter. Star has never been thin, but that does not prevent it from being a charming woman. How she manages to always be in good shape?

1. Hair. The first time the singer dyed her hair for 15 years. Because of this procedure, they are very hard hit. Now the singer to spend a lot of money to bring back the hair of the former view (this expensive cosmetics, and home remedies).
2. Plastic surgery. Star believes that the assistance to the surgeon should be treated if your reflection in the mirror horrifies. Dubcova doing breast correction after childbirth. No classes and procedures can not return to its former shape of the breast, so plastic surgery – was the only correct decision.
3. Cosmetics. The singer can say that collects cosmetics. It is always up to date with all the new products. In addition, they are all on the shelf in the bathroom at the singer.
4. Stress. To reduce stress and ward off bad thoughts, you need to go to the bath or pool. Water always takes negative emotions.
5. Nutrition. Star eats properly and sometimes sitting on a BioActive Raspberry Australia pills diet. To keep in shape – is very important.

Irina Told About Her Mysteries of Beauty

Recently, the press began actively discussing the news that Irina Dubtsova has made herself a plastic operation to correct the shape of the breast.

The singer admitted that she really decided to make a small correction after she gave birth to a child. Irina says that for a woman the shape of her breasts Deeper France site officiel is a very important indicator of beauty and attractiveness. But the BioActive Raspberry New Zealand pills singer also urges young girls to have surgery for the breast only if there really is a problem or the breasts have lost their shape.

Just so go to the surgical scalpel – it’s pointless, so Irina makes an important accent on this. Yes, she decided on such a difficult step, but admits that after that she never used the services of plastic surgery.

Moreover, she does not recommend that girls do botox injections, as it has now become fashionable. She says that many girls chase fashion trends in beauty and want to increase their own lips. But the problem is that after the increase, the former size will never be returned and you should Deeper Česká oficiální internetové stránky understand this. Irina says that many of her young friends initially wanted to inject Botox, but later cried because the result did not suit them, but it was already impossible to turn back.

Irina Dubtsova is an example of how a woman can remain beautiful and attractive, despite various life factors. The main thing is to find the right methods of influence on yourself and not try to look for easy ways in the form of plastic operations. You can always be BioActive Raspberry UK pills beautiful and therefore you should be aware of this.

Here are just a few simple recommendations from Irina Dubtsova:

– Always give preference to natural cosmetics;
– Use makeup only if necessary;
– Breast augmentation by surgery should be motivated and justified;
– Try to keep your sleep and optimal regime;
– Normalize the diet to remove all fatty and harmful foods;
– Drink more water, because it is necessary for women’s beauty and health.