Beauty Secrets of Irina Shayk

Beauty Secrets of Irina ShaykWhen a man hears the name – Irina Shayk, his heart beats twice as fast. About her dream of almost every man on the planet. As for women, they are jealous of this beautiful lady. But this is not worth doing, it is best to try to be like her. What you need to do?

  1. Face. For facial skin care is no better Hondrocream România means than coconut oil. In the morning you need to wash ice water and make cucumber mask. To take care of your skin, it is not necessary to have a lot of money. You can always use what is at hand.
  2. Body. Several times a week you need to visit a massage therapist. This is an excellent tool to improve circulation and relax.
  3. Start the day. Morning begins not with coffee, and juice with celery and parsley. Then immediately – for a jog.
  4. Food. Shake does not like any restrictions Hondrocream България on food, so it does not sit on a diet. Model eats almost everything, except for junk food.
  5. Makeup. It is best to give preference to natural makeup. You do not need to paint too bright and defiant.
  6. Sport. Model is regularly engaged in boxing.
  7. Sleep. If a woman is a chronic lack of sleep, something about the beautiful appearance of the speech can not go. I need to sleep 8-9 hours a day.

Lovely woman, be like Irina Shayk is a snap. Strive to become better and more beautiful.

Scandalous Pictures Are Mine!

In order to have a stunning success, you must always give yourself and the public a lot of people who closely follow your every step.

Have a beautiful appearance, a face, properly selected makeup, as well as a sexual body from which most men can be excited their main organ – many girls can. But to make you want to admire only one woman, especially since she is more than thirty years old, but she will give odds to many young girls, to those who are not even 20 years old, this deserves a huge talent. As you might guess, it is a wonderful beauty who started her career in the USA and was able to achieve great success there.

Irina is a very scandalously sensational Hondrocream Deutschland girl, who is quite famous among the broad masses of the paparazzi. The fact is that she feels herself very spacious and vulgarly feels in front of any camera. The girl is so sure of herself that she can not even imagine.

She prefers to wear so many thongs on the beach, as well as a swimsuit that almost does not hide the most intimate places. Even in such situations, where it would be awkward for any girl, our heroine can easily reveal her wonderful breasts and leave the picture very attractive person.

It is important to note that all this is for the reason that she pays a lot of time for sports. Her diet contains a huge amount of greenery and fruits. It consumes Hondrocream Slovenija sports nutrition, specifically to add to your body the right amount of protein. And in the morning, after a long sleep, the girl tries to drink a lot of water, since it is very useful for the skin.

As for the councils, she recommends not to staff. Yes, it can be very difficult. But in order not to be difficult, you must constantly train your Hondrocream Magyarország body mercilessly, so that when you’re naked, you do not feel ashamed, and everyone tries to fix it in the photo. Only then will the success come to you, repeats the beauty, who herself likes to make selfie naked.