Beauty Secrets of Irina Slutskaya

140720162Irina Slutskaya is a great skater. She has won many awards for his country. She is now 37 years old and she looks great. How she manages to remain as beautiful as in 20 years?

1. Sports. The woman did not imagine his life without exercise. Now she does not Macho Man Türkiye Spreyi as active as before, but does not pass a single day to keep it warmed up. Sport not only helps to improve physical fitness, but also sets up a person in a positive way.
2. Nutrition. Women of all ages should keep track of what is on her desk. Give once and for all from the mayonnaise, it’s a real poison. If it really wants to make a salad with the addition of mayonnaise, then cook it herself. It is not only useful but also delicious. The same applies to ketchup and sauces. Believe me, there are many other delicious and wholesome food.
3. Style. A woman should always look stylish and can be. It is not Macho Man České sprej necessary to wear long dresses. The main thing correctly to choose outfit, and it may already be a T-shirt and jeans. Clothing should emphasize all the advantages of the woman.

Important Support In Life Is The Family

In 2002, during the Olympic Games, Irina could not get gold at the Olympic Games, but confidently won the second place and received a silver medal. In 2006, she became a bronze medalist.

All these are magnificent achievements in the career of an athlete who lives and breathes figure skating. This beautiful Macho Man Deutschland Bewertungen woman is a two-time world champion, seven-time European champion and is the winner of the Grand prix as much as 4 times.

Nevertheless, in 1999 she married a loved one, with whom she is happy to this day. So, her marriage, as she herself believes – is the main achievement in life. Also this beautiful woman has two children: a boy and a girl.

Son – the future hockey player, while the girl, has followed in the footsteps of the mother and is engaged in figure skating already at such a small age.

In order to be a happy person and a happy woman in one person, you just need to love and be loved, says the star. To date, a lot of young girls who try not to pay attention to personal life and to move quickly to their careers in order to achieve great success. According to our heroine – this is a big problem of modern youth. After all, the family never hinders in the career of Piperine Forte Česká republika sports, but, on the contrary, stimulates you to stay at the same level that is available now or encourages you to move to the top of success. Only there is one, but! Family should be for love, not for calculation.

Also, there is a misconception that when a girl marries, her husband can put a question by the edge: either sports, or choose family relationships. Yes, there are such options, but it is rare.

Even before marriage, you Piperine Forte Deutschland can see in the person of the intriguer, as well as one that is not interested in your success. If the husband really loves you, he will never force to choose between sports or family. On the contrary, he wants his most beautiful wife to show everyone what she is capable of and will support at every competition and in all undertakings.