Beauty Secrets of Jessica Biel

Beauty Secrets of Jessica BielJessica Biel – is not only a great actress, but also a faithful companion of life of Justin Timberlake. Most likely, this woman knows something others do not know. Otherwise she would not have to like the man, from whom all the girls are crazy planet. Today we learn that breaks fatal beauty.

  • Sports. Actress a lot of time is dedicated to sports, to be always in shape. Fitness – is now her main comentarii Valgosocks România hobby. Most of his spare time she devotes to sports loads.
  • Nutrition. Bill eats right and drinks in 2 liters of water a day. In its diet includes products that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins. Sweets actress eats, but in limited quantities.
  • Skin. At her age, it’s time to think about the more care that the Bill Valgosocks Ελλάδα σχόλια makes (sunscreen, hat and moisturizer).
  • Old age. Actress afraid of old age, from the appearance of wrinkles, it is horrified. She wishes to look at pictures of young and middle-aged grandmother. Time ruthlessly to person.
  • Makeup. Bill feels quite uncomfortable when her much makeup. The best make-up – it’s a natural.
  • Hair. The best thing that can be for hair – is coconut oil.

Love yourself and do not be lazy to care for themselves – this is the most basic rules of a beautiful woman.

Jessica Biel On The Magic Of Coconut Oil

The actress has been a devoted admirer of coconut oil for several years now. She is convinced that this product is the best that nature has given us to preserve beauty, youth and freshness.

The star believes that no masks, balms and hair conditioner for industrial production can compete in Valgosocks Schweiz terms of efficiency with this plant extract. The actress took advantage of the advice of a famous stylist a few years ago about the need to use coconut oil in order to restore the structure of the hair.

At that moment, her hair was not in the best condition, because they were destructively affected by permanent styling, hairstyles, fixation means, etc. But to give up these attributes to the actress did not allow the career, as a result of this, the hair required an urgent recovery Valgosocks Hrvatska recenzije course. It was then that she first tried the effectiveness of coconut oil. As Jessica Biel says, the result simply amazed her. She could not even think that the plant product could do real miracles and in a short time return the hair to its former health and beauty.

Because of this, coconut oil is an invariable guest in the arsenal of the star. But she now uses it not only in its pure form, but also experiments to create masks for hair based on coconut oil. Each of them can have its own spectrum of action, but in general, everything is aimed at nutrition, moisturizing and restoring the structure of the hair.

But the most important here is just coconut oil, or rather its naturalness. Therefore, the star does not trust the options purchased in pharmacies or cosmetics stores, but prefers to make it yourself.

In order to obtain the desired substance, it is necessary to grind the pulp of one coconut on the blender, and then pour the resulting mixture with hot water, but not with boiling water. After the composition has cooled, it should be placed in the Valgosocks Slovenija pregledi refrigerator for 8-12 hours. After this, a dense oily film – coconut oil – forms on the water face. The natural product can be stored for no more than half a month, and after the end of the prescribed period, the oil loses its useful properties.