Beauty Secrets of Julia Kovalchuk

120720164Julia Kovalchuk is a singer, which is loved by many. She is now a lot of work, but it does not prevent her to be always in good shape. What secrets stores Beauty Russian sex symbol?

1. Power. Star tend to be overweight, so she is always watching their diet. If a woman wants to be tightened, then she should abandon the mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup and fried dishes. These products – the main enemies of the female figure. More fresh fruits and vegetables – this is not only delicious, but also useful.
2. Exercise. However, in good shape enough to eat – enjoyment. It is best to Maxisizer O’zbekiston forum 3-4 times a week. It is important to use the swimming pool. In the water, not only to strengthen the spine, but also to relax. Water washes away all negative emotions.
3. Care. Caring need for a need every day. As for the professional care, it will be quite a few visits per month to the beautician.
4. Attitude. It is very important to have the right approach to life: not to get upset over nothing and not be nervous. More positives make in life.

List Of The Most Effective Water Exercises From A Slender Blonde

Looking at a miniature and slender singer, it’s hard to imagine that she has a penchant for completeness.

But as Yulia herself says, she can sometimes notice on her body extra pounds and centimeters. But after many years of searching for the most effective exercises, she came to the conclusion that water procedures are one of those. Complex training in the pool or at the sea helps in the shortest possible time to bring yourself in shape.

In addition, this Maxisizer Кыргызстан сактайлы type of training is not only training for the body. The water element serves as a powerful antidepressant and better than all psychologists can improve the emotional state. Water training is an effective physical and aerobic exercise that tones up the body, starts metabolism and rapidly burns calories.

The main rule that the singer sticks to while doing the exercises in the water is to perform the maximum number of times each exercise. Do as many repetitions as your muscles allow. Also try to increase the number of repetitions as much as possible.

Waves. In order to correctly perform the exercise, you need to stand on level feet in the water to the level of the neck. Without bending your knees, you need to raise your foot in front of you and try to reach out with your toes to the elongated arm parallel to the floor. Try to make at least 10 times on each leg. Dilate the implementation of this technique can not only swing forward, but also to the sides. Performing such a simple complex excellently tones the muscles and skin of the legs, in particular, the inner surface of the thigh.

Exercise for a beautiful posture. Exercise is very simple – you need to stand in the water to keep your back straight, without bending in the lower back. Also, you need to ensure that the stomach is drawn and tense. Thus it is necessary to carry out slopes of the case back Maxisizer Россия форум and forth and from side to side.

Charging for hands. Exercise in the starting position – the body at the neck level in the water, legs at the shoulder width and slightly bent at the knee joints, hands are lowered down. Then you need to perform sharp movements with your hands, as if you are raking your water and bring it back.

Exercise water moves helps tone the muscles of the legs, buttocks and thighs. It is carried out as usual walking, but at the same time it is necessary to raise the knees as high as possible.