Beauty Secrets of Julia Roberts

Beauty Secrets of Julia RobertsJulia Roberts, which everyone remembers, in the film “Pretty Woman” – is now the mother of three wonderful children. She was already 48 years old, but is it possible to say that it looks at that age?! Of course not. She can still compete with the young girls 25 years. How she manages to look so beautiful, regardless of age?

  • Olive oil. The actress is confident that, if the hand is olive oil, it is Fito Spray Slovenija not necessary to use any cream (even the most expensive). It is important that the oil is sufficiently versatile tool. It can be used for as hair masks.
  • Make-up. On each day the actress prefers a light makeup: lipstick and eyeliner. In order to look attractive when applied to a minimum of cosmetics, you need to have the correct form of the eyebrows and eyelashes tighten. From the use of foundation should Fito Spray Türkiye be discarded forever (especially true for women after 30).
  • Sport. To stay in good shape, you need to move. Actress runs every morning, water skiing.

Roberts advises all women to love themselves. Only such a woman would be attractive to a ripe old age.

What Provides Beauty to Leadership In The List Of The Most Beautiful Women

Recently it became known that Julia Roberts had already won the nomination “The Most Beautiful Women” five times.

As the actress herself says, she does not make every effort to maintain her attractiveness. In addition to the tips that were listed above, you can add some more unshakable rules that are present in the life of the star. The actress admits that she uses help from dietary Fito Spray България menus to give her body the ideal look very rarely. Over the long years of her successful career, she has made an important habit in her life, which has developed into a normal phenomenon – proper nutrition.

Roberts is so used to useful food that he no longer thinks about using harmful products. During the years of failure, she learned to live without them, and absolutely does not feel like indulging in an element from an unhealthy menu. But there is also a dish in the nutrition system of Pretty Woman, from which she can not give up – Italian pasta.

But according to the actress, to be afraid of this culinary masterpiece is not worth it, since it is less harmful to the figure than is commonly believed. In addition, getting pleasure from eating your favorite dish is incomparable. Therefore, the actress advises the fans not to deny themselves the pleasure and allow themselves a small weakness from time to time.

Julia Roberts says that despite the love of pasta, she Fito Spray Polska does not allow herself that often. It is waiting for the next use is a powerful amplifier of pleasure from the next reception of a favorite dish. And if oversaturated by them, you can never experience such a feeling.

More traditional menu for the star is the elements of the European diet – boiled eggs, toasted bread with avocado, a lot of fresh berries and fruits, and certainly coconut water.

Also Roberts says that he is a big fan of coffee and does not accept any information about the harm of his favorite drink. And another weakness of Beauty is the chocolate cookie. The star also advises fans not to deprive themselves of their Fito Spray Deutschland favorite treats. According to the actress, the complete absence of harmless gastronomic pleasures will lead to a bad mood and the lack of a happy shine in the eyes.