Beauty Secrets of Kristin Davis

Beauty Secrets of Kristin DavisKristen Davis – one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Let it no longer 25 years old, but it looks just awesome. If you want to look like in 51 years, it, listen to the advice of her beauty.

  • Natural beauty. Mother of actress never painted. According to Davis, the most Hondrocream Polska in a woman most important natural.
  • Refusal of bad habits. Davis glad threw addiction – smoking. Actress upset that young girls smoke. As a young man no one thinks about wrinkles and the terrible diseases that provokes smoking.
  • Love yourself. Every woman should love themselves. If it is difficult to love yourself because of some shortcomings, then it is necessary to take up yoga. Yoga – will give confidence to any woman.
  • Sunblock. Actress use a cream with a high level of protection SPF-. Davis did not attend the solarium, because it causes great harm to the skin.
  • Sleep. If a woman wants to always look attractive, then you need to go to bed no later than 23.00. During sleep, the wrinkles are smoothed out and the woman will always look young.

How to Be Slender in a World of Temptations

As the star of the television series “Sex and the City” says, she very much likes to eat deliciously.

However, the profession obliges to always be in shape, and frequent manifestations Hondrocream Ελλάδα of weakness to eat something tasty and high-calorie can lead to the fact that the figure requires taking emergency measures to improve the parameters.

Therefore, the actress has developed for herself some rules of food discipline, through which she manages to keep herself in great shape. It minimized the consumption of proteinaceous plant products. But nevertheless, the actress has not completely switched Hondrocream Portugal to a vegetarian food system and there are days when she allows herself to enjoy a steak or a piece of fish.

Also Davis almost completely refused sweets, the only thing that is beyond the prohibitions El-Macho Slovenija is bitter chocolate. According to the actress, she can not give up this delicacy, but she does not see the point, since a piece of dark chocolate does not harm the body, but rather has a positive effect.

In order to distract herself from obsessive thoughts about delicious favorite gastronomic delights, the actress uses respiratory gymnastics and yoga. These directions help the actress cope with an irresistible desire to succumb to temptations.

Also, Kristin Davis shares with secret fans about the wonderful effect of Mexican soup, thanks to which she quickly gets rid of extra pounds. The secret of cooking it is simple, but the effect is unique. The dish is low-calorie, and due to the large content of spices in it, has a fat-burning effect.

But the best result if you want to lose weight can be achieved if you consume Mexican soup, while not forgetting about physical exertion, as the dish contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat, but the skin at the same time loses its elasticity. Physical activity El-Macho España will help keep it toned and will have a tightening effect.

The principle of losing weight with the help of Mexican soup is as follows: within 7 days you can eat only this dish, every 3-4 hours for a small portion. Between the reception of the dish, the actress drinks a lot of water.