Beauty Secrets of Ksenia Borodina

Beauty Secrets of Ksenia Borodina Ksenia Borodina is talented TV-presenterand and young mother. Its publication could not go unnoticed, because it is always on top. How she manages to keep up with everything? What it conceals beauty secrets?

1. Wrestle. In order to achieve some results, they need to persevere. For example, you can not get rid of one week of cellulite. Here you need perseverance. Best of all prevention – this massage and exercise.
2. Skin Care. For skin care must be taken home and seek help to the beautician. If you choose one thing, the result will never be. What is important is an integrated approach.
3. Nutrition. It is important to eat constantly and not sporadically. More vegetables, fruits, seafood, and weight is normal.
4. Sport. To be tightened, you need to exercise regularly. Only through physical activities can appear in 50 to 30 years.
5. Rest. Every woman deserves a good rest. This includes day and night sleep.
6. Family. For women, it does not play such an important role as a family. Family – is its support and hope.

Everyone Wants to Know the Secret of Ksenia

The uniqueness of Ksenia Borodina is that she is able to combine a successful career and an ideal state of her body.

After a certain period, when Ksenia gained excess weight, she decided to radically change herself. The desire to look more beautiful and attractive helped her to force herself to attend Deeper Κύπρος επίσημη ιστοσελίδα a fitness center, play sports and actively spend time. Recently, the Green Coffee România TV presenter released her own book. At the presentation, many journalists asked her questions about the secret of a slim figure and successful weight loss. Here are just some of the points from that interview.

Ksenia Borodina says that her main “weapon” against calories was soup-mashed potatoes. She abandoned the classic soups and switched exclusively to soups-purees.

It must be said that many nutritionists are also positive about this product. Soup purees require less processing costs for the body, so hunger does not appear for 4 hours after this meal.

In addition, Ksenia Borodina advises all girls during weight loss to give up nuts Green Coffee България or dried fruits. She likes nuts, but she does not use them to keep her figure, because nuts contain a high amount of calories. In order not to feel hungry, Ksenia tries to drink a lot of water, thus suppressing the appetite.

In general, the TV presenter consumes a lot of water, as this is one of the best products for speeding up metabolism. A complete diet should necessarily include greens, fruits, vegetables, fish or meat. Ksenia can Deeper България Официален сайт drink a little alcohol, but it happens very rarely.

To keep herself in good condition, she regularly engage in the gym. Ksenia Borodina prefers personal training with the coach, because in her opinion, this gives the maximum result. Every morning she starts with a run, after which she has Green Coffee Magyarország breakfast and goes to work.

Ksenia Borodina is one of the most beautiful girls on television. Therefore, you can pay attention to its useful tips to get a similar result at home.