Beauty Secrets of Ksenia Sobchak

Beauty Secrets of Ksenia SobchakKsenia Sobchak is a socialite who always looks stunning. This woman is always neat and tidy. In any event – she’s the queen of the ball. Today we learn all the secrets of her beauty.

  1. Washing. For washing the face you want to use tonic or ice cubes. Neve no case can not use tap water.
  2. Eyelashes. Once a week on the eyelashes need to apply castor oil. After Comprar Hondrocream EspaƱa its application eyelashes become thicker.
  3. Cellulite. To get rid of cellulite, you need to go to the masseur. The procedure is not very pleasant, but there is no way – on the beach need to shine.
  4. Power. It is best to stick to separate nutrition. If you want something high-calorie, it is better to eat till 12.00. After lunch, the food must been easy. It is important all year round to eat fruits and vegetables that the body did not feel a lack of vitamins. It is very useful once a week to arrange fasting days.
  5. Sport. Do you want to be slim, do not forget to attend the training.
  6. Diet. It makes no sense to stick to diets. Much more important is to reduce the portions and excess weight is gone.

Effective Exercises For Beautiful Buttocks

Do you want to have a chic figure, like a well-known TV presenter? Its forms are the envy of many women.

The star trains on a special program. These classes will help to lose weight and give a beautiful form to the hips. The main thing is to observe the regime and adhere to proper nutrition. In this case, getting an early result will not take long.

What should I do to purchase tight buttocks:

  • Disasters. It is worth doing at least 10 times for four approaches, depending kupiti Hondrocream Hrvatska on the preparation. Stand flat feet. Taking a step forward, we sit down on the lower limb. A popular star strongly recommends that the back does not bend, keep it even. The leg, which from behind should be fully straightened, leaning on the toe.
  • Classical squatting. The legs are apart, the body is held straight. Breath even. Performing squats, knees do not go for socks. The whole emphasis is on the heels. Then we return to the initial stand. The actress advises to perform at least three approaches 15 times.
  • The mahi back. Stand on four limbs. Alternately, raise the bent limbs in the knee joints, keeping the right angle. The body does not bend. The model advises this activity to be performed within two weeks, then the effect will be visible. Do three sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Raising the pelvis. You must lie on your back, lower your bent legs to the surface. Place your hands wherever you want. Next, you need to raise the pelvis as high as possible and when lifting you should stay for ten seconds, then slowly go down. To quickly avis Hondrocream France acquire cherished forms, perform 30 times for 4 approaches.
  • Inclination. Stand straight and hold the body motionless, legs slightly spread out. Do the slopes forward for 4 sets, in 10 repetitions. Lean so that the upper body is parallel to the floor. Celebrity recommends doing, a little bending your knees.

To avoid injury, do not forget about simple rules: do not take chemical additives, do warm-up, do not overwork, heavy loads can injure muscles. Always perform the exercises correctly, at the end of the workout do not forget about stretching.