Beauty Secrets of Mariah Carey

Beauty Secrets of Mariah CareyCarey – sex symbol, which reduces their male fans crazy. She always looks sexy, impressive and fascinating. It should be noted that the star is no longer a young girl 20 years old, but she knows how to 46 can look charmingly.

  • Sun. The skin from the sun should always be protected.
  • Spirits. Every woman is simply obliged to find FitoSpray Türkiye zayıflama its flavor, perfect to complete the image.
  • Makeup. Day is best apply light makeup. As for the evening, in this case it is best to consult a professional.
  • Complexes. Every person they are, but you have to deal with them.
  • Hair. There is no better means to hair than oil.
  • Coping with stress. If you can not relax, take a bath or go to the pool.
  • Beauty. To the woman was confident in her beauty, her man should always speak to her about this it. Love works wonders.
  • Cosmetics. The singer does not imagine his life without FitoSpray България отслабване lip gloss and creams, which protects from the sun.

Carey believes that if a woman’s life is love, then it will always be beautiful.

Beauty-Secrets of the Beautiful Woman

Mariah Carey is an amazing woman who has a beautiful inner and outer world.

The singer, due to her age and close friendly relations with the most influential experts from the industry, owns some secrets, thanks to which she manages to maintain a dazzling appearance, over which time does not dominate.

At 47, the singer looks much younger and FitoSpray Polska odchudzanie without knowing the date of her birth, she will never be able to guess her age. What are the main beauty secrets of the famous singer? Today she agreed to slightly open the veil in the world of her beauty and share with fans some of the features of caring for herself.

Always use cosmetic products on moistened pre-skin. Before making makeup, always apply a fat cream on your face and wait until it absorbs. This trifle will help to avoid the effect of the mask and a too clear kind of foundation and powder.

Also the singer does not like, when the face shows excess of lifeless Fito Spray Schweiz mattiness and prefers, that on a skin there was an easy shine. Get the desired effect will help a special moisturizing fluid, which must be applied to the powder at the end of the makeup in the chin, the line of cheekbones and nose.

If you are not satisfied with the tone of the tonal basis, you can correct it if you mix a small amount of the product with a moisturizer and mix until smooth before applying to the skin.

To ensure that the concealer for the eyelid zone does not focus on small wrinkles, it is necessary to give preference to a medium that has the consistency of a dense cream.

Choose the optimal shade of pink lipstick, the singer allows the next trick – you need to apply a few strips of different tones on the lips and give preference to the one closest to the color of the gums. In order to correctly find a zone for applying blush, Mariah Carey imagines a line Fito Spray Suisse descending directly from the pupils. The singer does not trust pencils for the eyes and prefers to remove the arrows podvodku. As for red lipstick, the technique is the same, but the ideal shade should best emphasize the whiteness of the teeth.

To give a rich shade to the eyeshadow, the singer succeeds with a white pencil. She first puts it on the eyelid, and already on top of the layer of shadows.