Beauty Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Every woman admires the beauty of Marilyn Monroe. Outside of this woman rather unusual. To her feet were ready to throw the world, many sex symbols in Hollywood. If you wonder how it all managed to read the article.

  • The color of your hair. Hair color star played for her a huge role in the movie. When Monroe FitoSpray España was a blond hair color, it was just beautiful, but did not attract attention to himself. After clarification of hair all changed dramatically.
  • Fragrance. Every woman should have its own flavor. In men, a woman must be associated with some sort of smell. In addition, there are no women who do not like spirits. There are those who have not found their flavor.
  • Feminine. Every woman needs to understand that her femininity is given by nature. It must FitoSpray Italia strongly emphasize rather than hide.
  • Breakfast. Breakfast should be thorough. No to any case can not abandon it. It gives energy and strength for the whole day.
  • Sport. The actress has always been proud of the forms that nature has given her. She tried jogging to keep the muscles toned.
  • Clothes and footwear. Choose the clothes you need, which always emphasize your strengths. In addition, women should always wear shoes with heels.
  • Sunburn. Monroe did not like to sunbathe. According to her, milk skin tone is much attractive.

As you can see, there are no complex rules there. The main thing is to remain the same as you created by nature and proud of themselves.

Why Was Marilyn Monroe Ashamed Of Her Beauty?

Quite often in the interviews she regularly gave to various journalists, it was pointed out that the young girl is a bit embarrassed that she is so beautiful and would sometimes like to look like her not-so-beautiful classmates.

From a young age, Marilyn suffered from increased FitoSpray România attention from foreigners and from the absolute inattention of her own parents, because they were divorced and the girl often had to remain alone.

Thinking of herself playing a little Marilyn, imagined herself as a great actress, who would be very much in demand and would never celebrate Christmas herself.

Thanks to her amazing figure and pretty appearance, which were given her by nature, the girl was able to become popular quite quickly. Movies with her participation brought a lot of money and it was her own liking. The only condition for Merlin was never to change the hair color and red lipstick.

Thanks to this, the girl began to learn all over the world, and she quickly gained Macho Man Türkiye işleri fame as an actress without intelligence, but with a pretty and sometimes even childish face. Men just went crazy with a glance in their direction, which over time made the actress cold-blooded to gifts and flowers, as well as to those little things that were transferred from the audience.

Of course, every time she met another man with whom she was going to live until old age, her heart seemed to come to life and become more gentle and affectionate, but after the divorce, Marilyn again and again ceased to believe that her beauty, at least, then it means in the world.

She was ashamed of herself and against this background often suffered from mental disorders, which subsequently ruined the famous and very beautiful woman. After all, despite all her titles and achievements, she wanted ordinary happiness in the Macho Man České funguje family circle, which would necessarily have at least three children. But it was evident that it was destined to be his whole short life, Marilyn Monroe was looking for happiness in the arms of different husbands, but she could not find, according to the actress herself.