Beauty Secrets of Marina Alexandrova

Beauty Secrets of Marina AlexandrovaMarina Aleksandrova is talented actress and young mother. Despite his busy schedule, she always looks well-groomed and attractive. How she manages to combine all this?

1. Sleep. This is a very important ritual for female beauty. You do not need all night to watch a movie. It is much wiser to go to bed and wake up at 22.00 7.30 – cheerful and relaxed.
2. Yoga. Yoga – is something that helps to improve the vásárlás Varicobooster Magyarország actress. You will become stronger physically and spiritually richer.
3. Sport. Trains star 3 times a week in the gym. It would not have wanted to miss classes but in any case impossible.
4. Care. For skin that is constantly plagued by the makeup you need to look carefully. It is best to use the advice of personal beautician who regularly go to his procedures and make masks themselves. In everyday life, the actress купи Varicobooster България is not painted.
4. Family. Every woman next to him is to feel the strong man’s shoulder and support.
5. Attitude to life. Be always cheerful and kind. Only kindness makes a woman truly beautiful.

Sleep – The Main Secret of the Beauty of the Actress

Maria Aleksandrova admits that because of her acting profession she constantly has to travel a lot, change different cities and countries, live in active mode without sleep and rest.

This way of life negatively affects the state of health, so recently the actress has been spending more time on recreation. According to Marina, it is good and strong sleep that helps her body to recover and look attractive.

Despite the great opportunities, Alexandrova does not spend large sums for maintenance in expensive beauty salons. Instead, she prefers to observe the correct mode of sleep and rest.

First, Marina never goes to bed later than 23:59 (only if there are some important circumstances).

Secondly, an hour before sleep, she disconnects the Internet, TV and turns off the mobile phone.

Thirdly, the girl tries to well ventilate her room to start oxygen and moisten it. Marina in many interviews said that she can not fall asleep without a humidifier, because it is the fresh and moistened air, she says, that helps to get a good sleep.

To maintain a perfectly beautiful body, the actress regularly cumpărare Varicobooster România engages in yoga and sports. Marina says that yoga for her is not just a physical, but also a spiritual recovery. Daily yoga classes help to normalize the inner psychological state, get rid of unnecessary stress or stress, and yet we know how this affects the skin and health. In addition, because of regular sports and morning jogging, the actress has a very elastic skin and a thin waist.

Of course, a girl often visits beauty salons, as her profession requires it. But unlike other stars of cinema and show business, Marina Alexandrova does it without fanaticism.

Most of the procedures that it uses are supportive, not corrective, skin conditions. To all who want to look beautiful, Marina advises first of all to change herself, and only then try to change the appearance. The right way of life and diet will be the best allies in this matter.