Beauty Secrets of Marina Linchuk

Beauty Secrets of Marina LinchukMarina Linchuk – model from Belarus, which is in demand around the world. Many fashion houses just dream about, so she became the face of their company. This woman is very beautiful and has elegant external data. Many women are interested in the beauty secrets of models, so we know now what secrets keeps Marina Linchuk.

  • Sports. Model engaged in boxing. This is her favorite sport, which is not only Hair Megaspray en España perfectly trains the muscles, but also relieves stress. More Linchuk swimming pool. Sport should be fun and not be a punishment. On employment is better to go every day, but the lack of time, would be enough, and three times a week.
  • Procedures. Model does not like body wraps and massages. Exception Hair Megaspray Magyarországon – foot massage.
  • Diet. Linchuk never dieting. Model eats anything like it (except for the sweets, red meat and fast food). You should always eat fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit. From such products will never be weight gain.
  • Make-up. In everyday life, the model is not painted.
  • Care. The skin of the face it is best to trust the professionals. As for home care, the beautician in the beauty salon always advise that you need to buy.

Super Hair Remedy For The Belarusian Diva

A model of Belarusian origin, known all over the world, considers himself a big fan of his country.

She says that she considers her Motherland better in everything and does not find her equal in the whole world. Especially reverent, she respects folk traditions and secrets for caring for herself, which are transmitted in this country literally from generation to generation.

So, for example, she regularly uses her grandmother’s recipes, thanks to which her hair persist with constant styling, styling, daily washing and other factors that negatively affect the health of the hair.

Lipa, flax, mint, aloe, sage, parsley and other useful plants help her to preserve the health and beauty of the curls. Dry skin and damaged hair are very susceptible to the beneficial effects of medicinal herbs and are incredibly quickly restored, thanks to masks and rinses, based on plants.

Recipes that the model uses are of age-old popularity, so she advises all her fans not to worry about their effectiveness, but to boldly try to cook them. Also, Marina, at her own risk, tried to improve the classical recipes somewhat and remained Hair Megaspray în România incredibly happy with the results, so she is happy to share with you modernized folk remedies.

The most favorite mask for hair Marina Lynchuk

This product excellently restores damaged hair and provokes their accelerated Hair Megaspray Österreich growth. The main condition – to open the pores on the head before applying the mask. To do this, you need to do a light massage.

To make a mask, we need a powder of cinnamon and burdock oil. It is necessary to mix the two ingredients in equal proportions to a uniform consistency, then apply to the hair and scalp. After 20-30 minutes you need to wash it off. Perhaps you will feel a slight burning Hair Megaspray v Sloveniji sensation, but do not be frightened, this is a normal reaction of the body to spice and has no negative impact.

If there is no burning sensation, try increasing the dose of ingredients. Also it is allowed to use not in the pure state, but to connect it with your balm.