Beauty Secrets of Megan Fox

080620162When the pronunciation of the name, Megan Fox, men’s heart begin to beat faster.

Looking at this beauty, it’s hard to hide all your secret fantasies. It is a luxury a woman, even if not a very good actress. So what are the secrets of beauty stores this woman?

  • Do not re-style. Every woman must find its own way and do not try to imitate anyone.
  • Minimalism in nursing. Fox skin care simple: cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Body. That the skin was soft and silky, it gocce di El-Macho Italia should be applied to grape seed oil.
  • Beautician. Once a week visiting beautician – is necessary.
  • Means with UV protection. Fox does not use these funds. On the beach she prefers is in the shade.
  • Eyes. That the skin around the eyes has remained in good condition for longer, you need to apply the cream with vitamin C.
  • Tonal emulsion. From the use of foundation should be discarded. Better use of funds from the lighter base.
  • Makeup. The best images of the Fox created itself.
  • Hair. Light curls – a favorite actress hairstyle.
  • Hair lamination. Fox like this procedure. She is doing it several times a year.
  • Eyelashes. Megan Fox is crazy about false eyelashes.
  • Lipstick. Red lipstick shade – that’s what σταγόνες El-Macho Ελλάδα should be in every woman beautician.
  • Spirits. Oriental fragrances that Fox does an enormous amount to the whole body.
  • Power. Actress eat at least 5 times a day. In the week, she can identify themselves one day and eat whatever you want. The only thing the actress refused – this milk. That it contributes to weight gain.
  • Sport. The star is often too lazy to do sports, so these days they committed Pilates classes. Better yet, invite the coach to the house. In such a case, I have no excuseзноеs will not work.

What Has Not Been Told By The Famous Beauty?

Of course, the list that the well-known actress provided for everyone is pretty good, but it has some inaccuracies.

For example, the star deliberately, or mistakenly, forgot to say that among other things, to create the ideal image, you just need to just eat right. We could not find out the secrets of her cuisine, but still some of our specialists could still picăturile El-Macho România find out. For example, a star very much loves to eat only the right food, which will become the first reason for such a body and an excellent figure.

After all, if we talk about where the girl takes her forms, we can assume only two options. First, this nature awarded her a beautiful figure, and the second – she herself achieved such a result. Of course, in order for the second option to work as it should, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts, which can not always be found for every day.

But Megan Fox got such chic shapes from nature, and now, all she has to do is only to keep them in perfect condition and to ensure that a good appetite does not become a source of a set of extra pounds.

Every girl dreams of having so many fans who will not let her pass from her confessions of love. But for this, it is necessary to keep a refrigerator on the lock or be able to competently choose products in the supermarket. After all, if proper
gotas El-Macho Portugal nutrition becomes routine in the daily diet, then you can safely expect that you will have the same beautiful and sexy figure as this smart brunette.

And as soon as the whole process with food in your family is adjusted, it can significantly change the life not only for you, but for everyone who lives with you. It is possible that someday people will understand the importance of the question of proper krople El-Macho Polska nutrition and then healthy and beautiful will become much more. But this can significantly affect the population of people and their quality of life. Start with yourself, and try at least once a day, but eat something very useful and at the same time low-calorie.