Beauty Secrets of Meryl Streep

Beauty Secrets of Meryl StreepMeryl Streep – the actress who became the owner of “Oscar” 12 times. In this case, it is a true champion. To be honest, the actress is not quite classic features. However, this does not prevent it from being an icon of style and elegance. The woman no longer young, but it looks still very good. Her fans admire the vitality and attitude to life. Today we will learn how a woman can prolong their youth.

  • Balance. A woman all should find a middle ground. You can not dedicate Valgus Pro Schweiz all his time to work or family. We need to find a balance and to combine.
  • Sports. The actress loves to swim. She believes that with the help of diving woman can look younger. The star is not a fan of yoga and Pilates.
  • A look at life. Think positive, because thoughts are material.
  • Aging. Star understands that is aging. However, it should be treated with Valgus Pro Portugal understanding. It is important not to focus on each new wrinkle.
  • Clothing. Do not buy expensive of clothes, it’s money wasted.
  • Sleep. For the actress sleep is important. When she can sleep well, she would say with certainty that happy.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult, that even in 67 years look good.

Secrets Of Everyday Make-Up

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep always remains young and exciting male imaginations.

To look younger naturally helps her properly chosen makeup. Many women of her age are interested in how to choose the correct make-up in order to look younger. Oscar-bearing star will share the secret of make-up for elderly women.

Thanks to modern cosmetology, for today any lady can look well-groomed at any age, and with Valgus Pro Magyarország the help of decorative cosmetics to demonstrate her beauty and lose her age. Correctly selected makeup will hide shortcomings and existing wrinkles:

Step 1. Eyebrows in women for fifty, should not be too wide, the thickness of eyebrows age. And if you make them too narrow – the face becomes faceless and uninteresting. Choose the shape and color suitable for your face shape and hair color.

Step 2. The tone of the face. First of all, apply a corrector around the eyes. The face should Valgus Pro Italia be toned with a thin layer. The tone should be perfectly matched to your skin color. Before applying a tone, moisturize your face. A thick layer of foundation and powder will focus on wrinkles.

Step 3. We’re looking at the eyes. Do not apply pearlescent or bright eye shadows. It will only add age. Pencil is better to choose a gray shade, the eyeliner should be applied extremely thinly. Hollywood star recommends in the make-up of the eyes light shadows to cover the area under the eyebrow, and pink to cover the eyelid. It is not necessary to mulch a number of lower eyelashes.

Step 4. Make-up of the lips. Be sure to use a pencil, with age, the contour of lips spreads out and Valgus Pro România with the help of a pencil you can hide this flaw. Lipstick should not be too bright.

Step 5. Blush. Admissible shades in age make-up from pink to peach. This will give the aged person a more fresh look. Apply blush should be very thin layer, over the cheekbones, then shade.

Use the secrets of everyday makeup from a Hollywood actress and feel great. Small tricks will allow women of elegant age to stay young and sexy longer.