Beauty Secrets of Naomi Campbell

Beauty Secrets of Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell is a famous model who has perfect parameters (narrow waist, long legs, a good figure). Many women are very jealous of her appearance. But do not entertain illusions. To look like you need to work on yourself. Beauty – it is overwork. What keeps the secrets of beauty black panther?

  • Vegetarianism. Model renounced eating meat. This Macho Man České decision came after it courses detox the body.
  • Sweets. To less like sweet, you need to eat an artichoke.
  • The feeling of hunger. If you want to eat late at night, you can eat a sprig of parsley. Hunger as a hand lift.
  • Sport. The model deals with pilates and dzhirotonikom.
  • Diet. On diets star he never sits, because I always adhere to proper nutrition.
  • Hair. Independently star hair do not care. She trusts her luxurious hair Hollywood master.
  • Skin. To clean the skin Campbell uses coffee. At Macho Man Deutschland the same time, it can be used to beat cellulite.
  • Eyes. The model does not paint the lashes, but Macho Man Ελλάδα increases them. As for the unusual color of the eyes, everything is simple – Campbell uses colored contact lenses.

The Recipe For Harmony From The Supermodel

Despite the fact that the whole life of the star is proper nutrition and complete rejection of harmful products, the supermodel has a special cocktail recipe that promises fans eternal youth and beauty.

For several consecutive years, once a year, model and actress Naomi Campbell arranges for her body unloading days, thanks to which she manages to get rid of accumulated toxins and toxins. A special recipe for the star condescendingly shared with their fans. She says that this Macho Man España cocktail should become an obligatory habit in the life of every person who aspires to find a beautiful appearance and health.

This recipe she learned from one of the best nutritionists of world renown, who opened the star to the path to eternal youth and radiance. In just 3 years, the supermodel will be 50 years old, and it looks now at 30. Young age is manifested in everything – in tightened skin, without wrinkles and in perfect appearance.

Recently, the supermodel unveiled the secret of a unique recipe and made it public. But the main feature of the cocktail is that the course of application consists of ten days. During this period a person should give up any food and drink only a cocktail, in the amount of 2 liters per day.

What you need to drink at home:

  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice;
  • 2 teaspoons of maple syrup;
  • cayenne pepper on the tip of the knife;
  • half a liter of purified water.

In addition, that the cocktail has a purifying effect on the body and removes from it the full level of Macho Man France accumulated toxins, a unique combination of ingredients helps to burn a large amount of stored fat. According to the stars, the best result will be noticeable if you use of a cocktail in combination with a massage course. Also, the “Black Panther” recommends the use of special wraps that will help the skin to retain elasticity and elasticity.

Despite the harmless composition of the cleansing cocktail, before using it, you should consult your doctor and get a recommendation.