Beauty Secrets of Natalia Bestemyanova

Beauty Secrets of Natalia BestemyanovaNatalia Bestimyanova is a beautiful skater. In sports, it has achieved unprecedented heights. Now she trains young athletes. However, today let’s talk about the secrets of beauty skater. Bestimyanovoy 56 years old, but she looks younger. How she manages to be in shape?

1. Power. If a woman wants to look in 50 years to Fito Spray Ελλάδα αγοράζω 30, it should be a lifelong monitor their diet. Give all of the unhealthy foods and cook yourself.
2. Sports. Training – this is what will always be in shape. Here we are not talking about the professional classes. Find yourself something that will be fun.
3. Sauna. To relax, you need to go to the sauna and a massage. These procedures allow you to look younger by 10 years.
4. Care. If you do not have time to care for Fito spray Portugal comprar themselves on their own, ask for help from a beautician. But it is better to do personally, because the effect will be much better.
5. Love. If you are near the man you love, then you are of any age will look luxurious.

Useful Habits For Slenderness Based On Asia

During her long, dizzying career, Natalia always had an incredibly attractive appearance. Despite her age, she managed to keep her charisma, attractiveness and harmony.

As the figure skater says, she always managed to keep herself in ideal shape thanks to some habits and culture of behavior, information about which she gained in the color of Asian countries.

If you are invited to a banquet and understand that you can Forskolin Body Blast France not keep yourself in hand and necessarily succumb to the temptation to eat some festive treat, take it as a rule to take a place at the festive table with the edge.

So you can not reach all the dishes available as a treat. From a psychological point of view, not every person can ask a nearby neighbor to ask him to convey something from the dishes. For the most part, a person in this case uses only what he can reach himself.

You need to create the illusion that your plate is a container for ice, to which there are more than ten small cells. The athlete is advised to imagine that you impose dishes not on the plate, namely in the cells. Thus, you will have to try a few dishes with just a couple of teaspoons, as more of the cells are not fit.

If you were invited to a buffet table, do not try Goji Cream naročiti Slovenija to find a secluded place and land there. It is better to keep an elegant posture and gently use snacks standing.

Some inconvenience in this process will not allow you to get carried away eating. And if in the other hand there is a glass of wine, then at all you will manage to manage small and eat quite a bit.

Residents of Asia recommend to dilute each portion of an alcoholic beverage with a glass of mineral, but not carbonated water. When choosing snacks, give preference to vegetables and salads.

Never go to a banquet or to a restaurant with an empty stomach. If possible, pre-eat something light at home. This will help you avoid overeating. Also, before you sit down at the table, drink a Fito Spray Hrvatska kupiti glass of clean water – this action will also help prevent overeating and positively affect metabolism.