Beauty Secrets of Natalia Ionova

Beauty Secrets of Natalia IonovaNatalia Ionova is a great singer, who always busy tour schedule. Despite the many concerts, it finds time to care for themselves. Wherever there was a star, she always looks well maintained and attractive. Let’s find her feminine secrets.

1. Care. Star prefer home remedies for skin care. According to her, there is nothing better than them. Only natural ingredients can cope with skin problems.
2. Hair. As for hair care, everything is different. For these purposes, the FitoSpray Қазақстан singer uses only professional products.
3. Makeup. It is important all the tools for applying makeup thoroughly disinfected.
4. Power. In this question is difficult to recommend anything. It is best to listen to your body. Of course, you should always eat more vegetables and fruits. The body does not feel the lack of vitamins.
4. Sport. Without physical exertion figure can never be slim and trim. The singer is engaged in yoga, Pilates and dance. However, it is best to do what brings pleasure.

Vegetable Diet: How The Singer Lost Weight With Her Help

The consumption of vegetables has a beneficial effect on health and is an effective method of transforming the figure.

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, then the famous singer assures the best way to not find. Feeding on this technology, weight loss is easy and effective. What vegetables can be eaten with a diet Vegetable cultures can be eaten in any form: raw, steamed, stewed, boiled.

When preparing them, the star recommends combining several vegetables in one dish and consuming a lot of greens. For weight loss you can apply a strict diet option or more sparing. In the strict version, only vegetables that are raw or thermally processed can be eaten.

With the complete exception of sugar and salt from the diet. At the same time, at least two liters of liquid must be drunk a day. In a more sparing case, it is allowed, in addition to vegetables, to include white meat or fish in the diet. Everything should be cooked exclusively for a couple or welded.

You can also eat fruit and drink herbal decoctions with honey. Allowed products: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, garlic, onions, spinach, peas, leaf lettuce, celery, sweet pepper, from which you can prepare soups and second courses of vegetable stews, casseroles, stews, boiled FitoSpray Latvija and baked vegetables. Also, these vegetables can be eaten as a variety of salads. The star recommends his way of making salad dressings. You need to take one teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon, mix and season vegetable dishes. With sparing diet options, it is allowed to include dietary meat and low-fat river or sea fish in the diet. A day is allowed 200-300 grams. It is allowed to include in the menu chicken eggs, vegetable oil, low-fat cottage cheese.

Prohibited products: fatty grades of meat and products from them, white rice, cereals, pasta. All smoked meat and preserves are excluded. It is forbidden to use sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, jam, bakery products, ice cream, sweets, butter. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, sweet coffee and black tea. Disadvantages of diet Diet is very difficult psychologically. The diet is extremely unbalanced and can only be used for a short time, longer FitoSpray Lietuva periods increase the risk of protein starvation and is the strongest stress for the body. Such food can cause weakness, decreased efficiency, can cause fermentation in the intestines and pain in the stomach. Vegetable diet is better to use in the summer, as in winter vegetables contain a large amount of nitrates.