Beauty Secrets of Natalia Oreiro

11Actress Natalia Oreiro all multiseries remembered for the TV series “Wild Angel”. Since then he has passed more than one, but the actress is still in good shape. Many women are jealous of her talent, beauty and enduring strength. Many people wonder how it all works?

  • Nutrition. If a woman wants to look slim and fit, then it needs to sweets. It is best to Corector Tonus Elast România eat small portions. It is very important every day to drink 1.5-2 liters of water.
  • Sports. With the help of physical exercise is also easier to maintain a good shape. In this case, no need to be lazy.
  • Care. That the skin to stay longer young, you should always wash off makeup from the face. Then be sure to put on the face cream.
  • Hair. As a child, the actress had a very bad hair, but her mother did Tonus Elast Ελλάδα διορθωτής everything in order to make them thicker. This required the eggs and honey. Nothing better than this mask does not exist.
  • Relationship to plastic surgery. Now physician services are not needed. However, the actress assured that do not need to fear wrinkles. Not to do a woman, they will still appear. We must accept and be proud of their age.

Lessons of Visage From Actress Natalia Oreiro

The star always has a dazzling appearance and gives the impression that, like before each release in the light, and in everyday life, the actress spends a lot of time in the reliable hands of specialists who are working to create her image.

However, as Natalia Oreiro says, she herself knows how correttore Tonus Elast Italia to make an excellent make-up, which guarantees her stunning appearance, but at the same time allows a shade of freshness and lightness. The star with pleasure shares with the fans of his work the secrets of creating a weightless and dizzying make-up.

Natalia Oreiro has excellent soft facial features and appearance with dark hair, fair skin and eyes. Therefore, her recommendations are perfect for those girls who have similar features of appearance.

The first step in creating Make Up is applying an evening tonal base or cream of light tones. Then we put a blush of cold shade and emphasize their cheekbones. Girls with similar external data are recommended by the star for the contour of eyebrows to use a brown pencil breast cream españa firming up and create a neat eyebrow line, but it should be of medium thickness. Next, you need to draw a thin line on the outer eyelid with the help of a black eyeliner. In order for the shooter to be perfect and accurate, the actress recommends pre-warming up the cosmetic.

If you can not draw a thin contour, the star advises putting small dots, one near the other, and then pointing them with a solid arrow. The finishing touch for eye makeup is mascara, which increases the expressiveness of the eyes, due to the volume fan of the eyelashes.

If you need MakeUp for a day’s output, then you should prefer a lipstick of a Bust Size Italia spa nuanced shade.

And for evening parties, as it is easy to guess, Natalia Oreiro uses red lipstick, and advises to follow her example to all who wish to have a unique charm, femininity and sexuality. The actress is advised to create sensual lips with the help of a little trick – apply a neat layer of a foundation cream on the lipstick, so you can achieve a juicy but soft color.