Beauty Secrets of Natalia Vodianova

Beauty Secrets of Natalia VodianovaNatalia Vodianova is not only a perfect model, but also the mother of five children. How she manages to combine motherhood, work and stay real beauty? Most likely, it’s interesting to many women, so today let’s talk about it.

  • Money. Do not think that if you have money, you can look good, because it is fundamentally avis Valgosocks France wrong statement. To look attractive, it is necessary to work on a 24 hours a day. Money in this case, do not play any role.
  • Children. The model has shown by example that having Valgosocks Slovenija cena children can and should be. Thus, one can always remain on top.
  • Care. The skin should never be overloaded. First of all, it concerns the makeup. In everyday life, no makeup at all you can do.
  • Nutrition. Model adheres to supply blood group. If a person eats only healthy foods, then it will also look the part. The diet must contain lots of fruits, vegetables and fish. You can not eat flour, smoked and sweet dishes.
  • Love and children. If the woman in your life is a loving husband and children, then her life took place.

Diet For The Ideal Skin

Excellent shiny curls, stylish wardrobe and neat, but expressive makeup – these are not the most important trumps of the supermodel.

In order to have a stunning look and admire the surrounding beauty of your body, the perfect skin, and a glint in the eyes.

Natalia Vodyanova, armed with the wisdom of famous specialists, treats incredibly carefully to her skin and applies a lot of effort to avoid a collision with factors provoking the appearance of unpleasant phenomena on the Valgosocks Česká republika cena skin. It is known that the most negative consequences are the following: lack of proper care; stress factors; unhealthy food.

Natalia has a clear idea of ​​what the menu should be, so that the skin has an attractive look. But the most attractive thing in this system is that she does not put forth any harsh conditions, the only thing that should be abandoned is products containing preservatives, sugar, white rice, excess of spices, and also semi-finished products.

But the model crosses out this list from its diet without a degree of regret, so it is considered that it is prezzo Valgosocks Italia elementary to refuse them. Although a complete refusal of these products does not require a diet, and the model says that if you can not refuse them, you can occasionally use them, but not more than once or twice a week.

Cosmetic diet from the supermodel looks like this:

  • It is necessary to consume proteins and slow carbohydrates. These are the elements that primarily affect the skin condition.
  • Fruits and vegetables. At what, there is an opinion that these products are useful only in the summer, since in the cold season they are grown in greenhouses and therefore do not have useful substances. However, Natalia believes that we need vegetables and fruits in any season, so they actively use them. First of all, the aforementioned products of plant origin have a phenomenal composition and have vitamins necessary for our body.
  • Trace elements. And of course they have fiber, which Valgosocks България цена provokes the removal of harmful toxins and toxins.

Also the celebrity actively uses greens. Without nuts, you can not have beautiful skin. Therefore, Natalia Vodianova uses them in large numbers and advises everyone to follow suit.