Beauty Secrets of Natalie

070720165Natalie is young and talented singer. This woman tight tour schedule, but it always looks very good (beautiful makeup, hair style, well-groomed skin). How she manages to combine work and motherhood to be always so beautiful, sexy ?! Fortunately, the star did not hide from his fans.

  • Sleep. For any human sleep is very important. If a person does not get Naručite Valgosocks Hrvatska enough sleep, no cosmetic procedure will not help. 8 hours a day – this is what we need.
  • Nutrition. From the condition of the skin depends on nutrition. If the right to give preference to food products, the skin will always be in perfect condition. It is important to give up eating fried and smoked food.
  • Beautician. If you can take care of their own skin, then that’s great. But at least once a month to attend a professional cosmetologist.
  • Sport. Training should be given at least 2 hours 3 times a week. Without sport be in the form will not work. In addition, at regular employment will never appear cellulite.
  • Love. Learn to love yourself and enjoy every day.

Gymnastics For The Face Of A Great Singer

A famous singer always looks gorgeous and young, for many years, on her face there is not a single wrinkle.

Natalie does not hide the secret of the radiance and health of her skin. A popular artist performs simple but effective exercises including facial muscles. The star recommends this procedure to women of any age.

Advantages of the exercises:

– You can train muscles anywhere, anytime. For example, watching your favorite TV series or being in the car, on the way to work.
– During a short training session, a visible result appears.
– Slows down the aging process.
– Facial skull structures supporting in tone.

To achieve a quick effect and a visible result, perform a set of exercises Naročite Valgosocks Slovenija regularly. Charging will take a little time, the main thing is to turn it into a daily ritual. Charge for the eyes includes this technique: the upper eyelid slightly pull up the index fingers, then open and close the eyes, perform for a minute. It also helps very well from bags and bruises, performing uncomplicated manipulation: we strain our eyes as much as possible and hold for 5 seconds, then relax.

To avoid the appearance of a second chin or remove an existing one, you should perform exercises for the neck muscles. You need to lower your chin to your chest, move your head slowly over your right shoulder, and then onto your left shoulder. Then tilt the chin back and return to the initial position. Carry out for 60 seconds.

For an ideal and tightened oval face, you need to put a palm to your lips, and keep your cheek with your fingers. There is work on the resistance of the muscles, you should smile, and with your fingers restrain a smile. Do 5-10 times on each cheek. Against wrinkles on the forehead, the exercise looks like this: open your eyes widely, and raise your eyebrows as high as possible, you need to stand for 10 seconds in this state. Accelerate prix Valgosocks France the pace, repeat 5-10 times. The complex of exercises has contraindications: facial nerve pathologies, botox injections, postoperative period, inflammatory processes and severe dental diseases, dilated vessels, general poor health.