Beauty Secrets of Natalya Rudova

Beauty Secrets of Natalya RudovaNatalia Rudova talented actress. She has a very tight schedule, but it provided a few minutes to share with their groupies main beauty secrets. Every woman wants to be charming. How to do it ?!

1. Makeup. Makeup should always be easy and discreet. Just need to emphasize the dignity.
2. Care. That the skin into old age remained in good condition, you need to visit Hair Megaspray cena Slovenija a beautician and go to the bath. These funds are checked for years.
3. Hair. Actress dyes his hair white, so for them requires more careful care. For colored hair ideal masks oil-based. They are difficult to wash off, but the effect is worth it.
4. Diet. The actress is not sitting on a diet, because it has a fast metabolism. She can eat anything and not gain weight.
5. Sport. The actress has no free time to study. Although many women are encouraged to attend the star sports hall.

At the end of the actress he added that it is difficult to give advice, because every body is Hair Megaspray in Italia different. That approach a woman, would be unacceptable for another. We must all be selected individually.

Exercise For A Thin Waist

A flat stomach is the dream of any woman. In fact, physical activity is very important, together with a diet can achieve results. The famous actress has a beautiful figure and shares the secrets of losing weight in the abdomen.

Effective exercises:

1. Turns. To complete the task, you need to stand up straight, legs slightly spread out to the sides, hands should be at the waist. The back remains straight, during inclinations, which need to be done to the left, then to the right. Try to lean as much as possible. The upper part of the body must be immovable. Carrying out such training burns fatty deposits in the lateral part of the abdomen.
2. The oblique bridge. Take the position of the side panel, placing emphasis on the arm bent at the elbow. Raise the pelvis from the floor, but the body should remain in a level position. Then get down and get up. You need to do 15 times for 3 approaches.
3. Hoop. The star recommends for a thin waist to twist the hoop, which is considered one of the more effective ways to reduce waist circumference. It is better to choose a massage circle weighing not less than two kilograms. It should be twisted for about an hour, with 2-3 breaks.
4. Jumping rope. This method works by increasing the level of metabolism. Do training in an intense rhythm, so that the muscles are in constant tension. Perform 6 laps, 30 seconds of quick jumps, then a break, then 40 seconds at an average pace.

It is impossible to find a thin waist without proper nutrition. Otherwise, muscles will be pumped under a layer of fat and there will be no visible effect from training.

Celebrity recommends following a simple principle: to exclude flour and fried foods containing carbohydrates and glucose. Add protein and fiber to your diet. Eat small meals 6-5 times a day. All steamed or boiled, you can use the grill, only without adding oil. The famous movie actress for pre├žo Hair Megaspray Portugal weight loss in the waist area includes in his diet: ginger, pineapple, cabbage, green tea, cinnamon, apples, peppers, pears, cucumbers. These products improve metabolic processes and burn fats.