Beauty Secrets of Olga Kabo

090720163Olga Kabo is a great actress. She is 48 years old. However, looking at the woman, it is difficult to determine its true age. Cape looks delicious. How she manages to look so luxurious? Of course, she has secrets that are not known to others.
1. Power. Proper nutrition is very important. Follow it should be from a Hair Megaspray цена България young age.
2. Sports. Without physical exertion can not do. Need a thin waist and beautiful news? You direct road to the gym. There is no need to be lazy – get active. Very soon the classes will bring real pleasure.
3. Makeup. Without makeup in everyday life, you can easily manage. There is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty. Note, men do not like women who are painted brightly.
4. Care. Actress carefully and regularly takes care of his body. However, more often it refers to the professionals. The older the woman, the more she needs professional care.
5. Maternity. Second child’s birth in Cabo 44 years. After Valgus Pro Česká cena the baby she began to look even more attractive. Children this is a great happiness.

Exercise For Beautiful Hands From An Ageless Actress

Women all over the world admire the ideal figure of the star and want to know the secret of her harmony. A well-known actress is sure that by giving lessons at least 15 minutes a day, three times a week, you can get as a result slender hands and expressive shoulders.

Training Complex:

– The Plank. This is an excellent exercise that allows you to burn calories, form a posture, give a good load to the main muscle groups. You need to rest your palms and socks on the floor, pull the body in a straight line. Try to stay in this position for a minute. But having low physical training, you can start with 20-30 seconds. Then with each lesson gradually increase the number of seconds.
– The mahi. If you need to solve the problem of sagging skin in the upper part of the hands, then this is the best task to solve this problem. Take dumbbells and keep them in your hands parallel to the floor. Perform circular rotations with the hands first to the right, then to the left. It is necessary to try to do 15 times for 4 approaches.
– Pull-up. Classes for girls are quite complex, but very effective. Start with one time, gradually increasing the amount. When performing, hold the body straight, legs slightly bent. To facilitate the task, hold the arms on the crossbar with the back grip.
– Stretching. Finish the complex is best stretching. Crouching on a chair, keep your back straight. Straight arms pull back and grasp the back of the chair. Very slowly lean forward without stopping to hold on. Beware of sudden movements. Do 5 repetitions.

The star recommends Valgus Pro Polska cena that you do stretching after each workout. So you will save the muscles from the pain the next day.

The famous film actress warns that this training complex has contraindications: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pregnancy, asthma, menstrual period, inflammatory processes in the body.

There may be sagging in several cases: rapid weight loss, lack of skin hydration, rapid weight loss, age changes, weight gain, tanning, low physical activity.