Beauty Secrets of Ornella Muti

Beauty Secrets of Ornella MutiOrnella Muti – one of the most beautiful actresses. All her well remembered for her role in “The Taming of the Shrew” movie. Since the screening of the film took many years, but Muti remains in good shape. What do you think, how old is she ?! 40, 45 or 50. No and no again. The actress already 61. There is no doubt, it’s hard to believe, but it’s actually true. How did the woman manage to stay in such good shape?

  • Sports. Do you want to look good – enjoy a workout. Enough to lie on Bust Size Polska wyniki the couch 24 hours a day. Begin to move more.
  • Alcohol. Drinking women are generally better not to drink.
  • Setting. Make friends and communicate with good people, because it charges.
  • Old age. Aging nobody wants, but from past years are not hiding and not run away.
  • Plastic surgery. The actress believes that a woman Bust Size France commentaires can truly be beautiful without them.
  • Age. Age – it’s just a figure in the passport. The most important – is the appearance of women.
  • Perfection. Every woman should always strive to become better and more beautiful. And it is very important to love yourself, regardless of age.

Ways To Rejuvenate From The Italian Diva

At any age a woman dreams of looking young. But the years go by and definitely want to maintain its attractiveness.

The secret is to turn to the Hollywood star. Ornella Muti has useful information about how to keep youth and seem younger than her years. Age is a biological clock. A woman is always young at heart. How to make the internal state correspond to the shell?

The actress knows and reveals the cards to you:

  • Makeup. Do not put the tone too thick. Shadows choose matte. Lipsticks choose natural shades. Make sure to use a pencil to make up your lips. Blush choose peach shade.
  • Drink plenty of water. In a day you need to drink at least eight glasses of drinking Bust Size Србија коментари water. In order to cheer up the body use cold water, to soothe – drink warm.
  • Food. The diet should be nutritious and balanced. Give up fried and salty foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Celery slows down skin aging.
  • Skin care. The daily procedure should be applying moisturizing and nourishing cream. Give preference to more natural cosmetics. The cream for the eyelids in the composition should have caffeine and apply it on the eyelids in a cooled form. So it works more Bust Size Schweiz effectively. A well-known actress recommends storing eye cream in the refrigerator.
  • Wrinkles. To smooth existing wrinkles and to prevent new wrinkles, use modern ways of combating wrinkles. A huge range of services will be offered in the beauty salon. And at home, use anti-aging creams, gels and serums.
  • Posture. Do not forget that a flat back will help you seem much younger than their peers. Beautiful posture and easy gait is the key to your youth.
  • Hair. Paint the gray hair, hair color pick up natural shades. Experiment with the hairdo, use fashion trends.
  • Excess weight. You need to get rid of the extra Bust Size Türkiye yorumlar pounds forever. This not only adds age, but it is also very harmful to health. And beauty, without health can not exist.
  • Doing sports. Choose for yourself the physical activities that bring joy. It can be yoga or swimming. Walking or running. You can ride a bike or play tennis.

If you use the advice that the popular actress shared, you will always retain youth and beauty. Radiate kindly and smile. This makes any woman younger than herself.