Beauty Secrets of Pelagia

150720165Pelagia is a very popular singer in Russia. Her work is like many, but many people are concerned about – how the singer always manages to look so good? In what would be the event it does not appear – it all perfectly. Let’s find her little feminine cunning?

1. Sports. Sport need to deal with, but it should not be a burden. Morning exercises or jogging will suffice.
2. Nutrition. Eating should be correct, but sometimes a piece of cake, you can allow yourself. Keep small pleasures of life.
3. Hair. Singer dyes his hair white. To maintain healthy hair, you need to visit the hairdresser, who will perform the required list of hair treatments.
4. Nails. Nail also be watched. If there is a possibility and ability, make yourself a manicure. Preference was given to light-colored lacquers. Green or blue nails look very vulgar.
5. Kindness. Be kinder and more tolerant towards others. Smile more often and do not get angry. Remember, just a good woman can be beautiful and attractive for longer.

A real legend, a singer who sings many Russian folk songs.

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