Beauty Secrets of Polina Gagarina

090720164Polina Gagarina is talented singer, who last year became the winner of “Eurovision” contest. This real victory. Now the singer has a lot of work, but she always looks stunning. What secrets stores Beauty young girl?

1. Form. If you tend to be overweight, you need to eat less. It seems that all too simple. But, believe me, it is very effective. It is very important to eat right. However, to follow this rule can be very difficult.
2. Sports. The singer just do not have time to visit the gym. At the first opportunity, the singer is going to the gym.
3. Care. Gagarin did not attend cosmetologists. She performs cosmetic Varicobooster Deutschland procedures on their own. First person to clean and moisturize.
4. Make-up. As for makeup, in everyday life from it should be abandoned or used in a minimal amount (ink, lipstick). The skin also needs rest.
5. Family. For women it is very important to feel that she is loved. If lifelong it is a loving man, it is always beautiful.

Super Diet For Fast Weight Loss

Many women around the world are concerned about finding an effective weight loss method. The famous singer quickly came to form after the birth of her second child and looks great. Here are some tips from the star, on proper nutrition.

Features of nutrition in case of emergency fat burning:

Initially preparing for such nutrition, consult with a nutritionist. To exclude the negative effects of diet.
You need to drink a day, at least eight glasses of water. So toxins will be released faster, and fats will be burned more efficiently. In addition, the skin with rapid weight loss can lose elasticity and sagging, so avoid this drink a lot of water.
In addition to nutrition, intensive training is also needed. So the muscles will be in a tonus, and you will get the desired shape. Choose a sport that is more suitable for your physical development and lifestyle.
Divide the diet into 5-6 receptions. Portions Varicobooster en France should not be large. It is better to eat more often, but less. Then you will not be hungry and eat less in a day.
Star recommends following a simple rule: supper for 2-3 hours before bedtime, this is a mandatory rule to obtain quick results on the discharge of excess weight. To everything else, falling asleep on an empty stomach is much better. Accustom yourself to sleep hungry, you will cease to torment insomnia and indigestion, you can forget forever. Popular singer if an urgent need to lose weight in preparation for an important event or photography, it uses kefir diet. This is one of the most popular at the moment.

On the first, second and third day, in addition to kefir, you can eat boiled rice. On the fourth, fifth and sixth day, you can add to the diet boiled chicken, with which you first need to remove the skin.

The next three days, add apples to the day menu. Weight Kupi Varicobooster Hrvatska loss by this principle will be about seven kilograms in ten days. And this is a very remarkable result. Polina Gagarina assures us that if you follow all the rules, the effect of such a menu will pleasantly surprise you.